Luxury Bathroom Renovation – Design DIY

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Summer has been good to us this year. But it’s time to get geared up for fall weather. What an awesome time of year! It’s time for finalizing some yard work, preparing your home for the winter months. Getting the hot tub ready, outdoor fireplace and other necessities. Why not renovate your bathroom before the

Bathroom Remodeling in Auburn, Alabama

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  Bathroom Remodeling in Auburn, Alabama   Renovating your bathroom can be very stressful. Even a hardcore design/DIY enthusiast will tend to lose sight of the big picture when they start diving deeper into the details. However, it is a worthwhile endeavor and something that will not only add value to your home, but it

Find a Renovation Pro

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  “We are only taking work for new home construction or complete renovations.”   This is the response I received from a woman working for a contractor’s office, when I called in, asking for a bid on a patio renovation. Feeling insulted and as though my task wasn’t “good enough” for the company, I called

RedGard V.S. Laticrete 9235

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  WELL , what do we have here? A repeat of product? A great marketing plan? Or manufactures trying to get one over on the installers/homeowners? You tell me. RedGard V.S. Laticrete 9235. Now Customs who (owns RedGard) has a great line products no doubt, Laticrete is another big player in the game. SO what

Perdido Key Fl ADA Luxury Bathroom

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  Perdido Key Fl - ADA Bathroom Luxury is a must, everyone deserves to enjoy their vacation. Everyone should have a "retreat experience" while at the beach. ADA compliant bathrooms are not all created equal, trust me! Physical limitations should not hinder your enjoyment of any luxurious vacation spot. Renovating your bathroom in Perdido Key

Luxury Bathroom Renovations – Perdido Key Fl

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Located in the Gulf, Perdido Key FL has a host of luxurious amenities to choose from outside your home. Why not make the interior just as luxurious?  Luxury Bathroom Renovations - Perdiod Key FL has arrived. Kennedy Kitchens and Baths have been producing luxurious LED bathrooms for years, WELL we are here. Every level of

Perdido Key Fla Luxury Bathroom Renovations

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  Perdido Key Fla Luxury Bathroom Renovations Perdido Key, Fla Luxury Bathroom Renovations brought to the coast by Columbus, Ga’ King of Renovations, Kennedy Kitchens and Baths. As shown here no matter where we are quality bathroom renovations are produced. This particular project is breathtaking.   From the exquisite choice of porcelain tile

Interior Barn Doors

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  Interior barn doors are growing in popularity, in part by home improvement shows like HGTV. From antique doors to custom made barn doors the look can differ greatly. Depending on your home décor the choices are abundant. Material type and style of interior barn door need careful consideration. Hardware type will also play a

Porcelain Tile – Master Bath Ideas

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Porcelain tiles are produced in a variety of new sizes, colors, styles. Porcelain tile is great to use on walls and floors. Have fun with your tile combinations,  contrast them to really let one shine or use the same tile in both locations. Here we showcase a project from last year using the same  porcelain tile on

Luxury White and Grey Bathroom

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One of the most common size bathrooms to renovate is a 5' x 9' including the tub or shower surround. So what can you do? How much will it Cost? Will it have a Luxury appeal? Columbus Georgia's King of Renovations can help you create that Luxury White and Grey Bathroom with these great products. Any color

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