If you want to increase the security of your home and want to prevent your family from a sudden mishap, then you must be searching for new home security systems? Well, here’s the solution. In this article, we are going to explain new home security systems- especially about Vivint security.

Protection of your family, possessions, and assets is crucially important, and you cannot compromise over the security of your home and family. So, you might be worried about monitoring your home and searching for solutions to tackle all these problems. Well, we have caught you because in this article we are going to recommend the best security systems. 

So, let’s take a plunge and look at the new best home security systems that can protect your precious items, belongings, and beloved ones.

What Is ADT Security System?

If you are afraid of home intrusion and environmental disasters, then an ADT home security system can act as a guard to keep an eye on your holdings. ADT is the most experienced security company, consisting of 9 professional monitoring systems. Moreover, it provides cellular and landline monitoring to connect you to your home anywhere.

Besides, ADT wireless connection allows you voice control monitoring through Amazon Alexa, which can be controlled with a cellular phone. However, it requires professional installation for an Ethernet connection. 

In addition to that, ADT Command Tier I provides you with remote access to control your home setting, and ADT Command Tier III has added smart lighting to security systems that will detect any anonymous movement and ensure an individual’s security at home.

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Is Vivint Security System Reliable?

Sometimes, the home security systems don’t provide two-way video monitoring, but the Vivint security system consists of a complete package and is the best overall. Vivint security has developed advanced home security features that can keep you linked to your home. It requires professional installation and is quite more affordable than other security systems.

Let’s have a look at its incredible features:


The Vivint home security system comprises a sleek and minimalist design. Its built-in AI and proximity sensors differentiate it from other security systems.

Vivint Thermostat

Vivint thermostat is compatible with a wide range of HVAC systems and automatically adjusts the temperature of your home according to your preferences which puts less strain on your budget. Moreover, it senses when you enter or leave home to regulate the home atmosphere and lightning.

Fire Shut Off

Another best feature of Vivint security is that its smoke detectors can quickly detect the smoke or fire and immediately turn off your HVAC system to prevent the fire from spreading.

Smart Speakers

Vivint security is compatible with smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant and lets you control your home security at your own pace.

Lurker Detectors 

Another standing feature of Vivint security is that its cameras consist of Smart Deter lurker detection that can deter threats and alert you when it observes someone around your home.

Eventually, if you want to acquire a Vivint Element Smart Thermostat, you should install Vivint security systems with advanced components that enable you to monitor your home online or offline.

How does Vivint Security Systems Works?

The Vivint security system consists of three primary parts: the control panel, the sensors and the monitoring station. Once a sensor is triggered due to an unusual moment, it will signal the control panel to activate the monitoring station.

So, the effective detectors of these security systems will deter burglar attacks and alarm you in case of any threat in the home.

How Does the SimpliSafe Security System Connect You?

If you intend to keep your home free of danger and want to avoid any future uncertainties, you should install SimpliSafe Security System. Simplisafe can secure your home from danger with its professional installation at a very low monitoring cost. However, its kit consists of four essential components: a base station, keypad, motion detector, and entry sensor, which can expose the 3rd person trying to break into your house. 

Furthermore, it can make unlimited camera recording, on-demand recording, and emergency footage of any unusual happenings. SimpliSafe features RapidSOS technology that integrates with emergency response centres to deliver more accurate real-time location information to you and emergency respondents.

Moreover, SimpliSafe consists of a backup battery that keeps working in case of power outages. It also includes a wireless keypad that can arm or disarm your security system, and the best thing is that its motion sensor can detect motion up to 30 feet away.

What Makes Cove- Security System Best?

If you are bound to social responsibilities and hardly find time to look after your home and offspring. But you are still concerned about them and want to keep them under your observation. A cove security system would be the best option for you. It consists of a large 7-inch touchscreen panel to observe your home.

Meanwhile, its instaText service will inform you about an emergency through a text message. Cove also incorporates the LiveAssist feature that calls you in an unusual situation through a control panel without the requirement of a phone.

Besides, you can rely on the Cove security system because it provides a lifetime warranty with super easy installation and AI-driven motion recording.

Final Verdict

Everyone wants to ensure the security of his home and dear ones. But if you have to travel frequently, which keeps you apart from your home, it might be troublesome for you to watch your home and folks regularly. Luckily, these new home security systems will give you peace of mind because they allow you to oversee your home at any place and time.

Finally, we have mentioned home security systems that have amazing features and can connect you to your home. ADT security system will alert you in case of any intrusion into the home. In contrast, the Vivint security system, with its incredible features, adjusts the temperature of your home and alerts you in case of fire and smoke.