Welcome to Kennedy Kitchens and Baths, your local expert in transforming kitchens and bathrooms into stunning, functional spaces with top-notch craftsmanship and personalized designs. We bring a deep understanding of Newnan’s unique charm to every project.


Why Choose Us?


Local Commitment


Experience the essence of Newnan’s lifestyle with Kennedy Kitchens and Baths. Let us craft personalized spaces that celebrate our community’s unique aesthetic. Your dream makeover begins here!

Tailored Designs


Your dream home awaits! Collaborate with us to design a uniquely tailored kitchen and bath that reflects your style. Let’s begin the journey to personalized perfection!



Quality Craftsmanship


Experience the pinnacle of quality with our skilled team. From precise installations to exquisite finishes, we’re dedicated to delivering nothing short of excellence in every renovation. Elevate your expectations and let us turn your vision into a masterpiece!


Our Services


1: Kitchen Transformation


Modernize your kitchen with stylish cabinets, efficient layouts, and high-quality appliances. We turn your culinary dreams into reality.





2. Bathroom Renovations:


Create a spa-like retreat with our bathroom remodeling services. From luxurious fixtures to smart storage solutions, we redefine bathroom elegance.




Ready to Begin Your Renovation Journey?


Contact Kennedy Kitchens and Baths today for a consultation. Let’s embark on a renovation journey that enhances the heart of your home. We proudly serve Newnan, Georgia, and surrounding areas.