What comes to your mind when you hear kitchen artwork-country-style? Well, that’s a no-brainer, vintage-style lights, butlers sink, and stone flooring. Today we will share how you can get the most out of the least without making your kitchen less ancient and more rustic. 

The right key to achieving it is by keeping it modern and contemporary. As the saying goes, less is more!

It can be quite a task when designing the kitchen artwork and that too country style. Families often prefer their kitchen to be broad and centered. But as fashion evolves, people are more likely to have both elements in their kitchen artwork, i.e., modern yet aesthetic. 

We will be sharing the blend of both new and old styles to create the best country-style kitchen artwork. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and see our options.

Features of Country Style Kitchen Artwork


Opening Shelves


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The open shelves kitchen has been trending for about a few years now, and it does not seem to slow down any sooner. Although it is not a look that everyone prefers but, it can be the one for you if you’re looking to pop some fresh and modern appearance.

Country kitchens often consist of opening wooden shelves to set forth their delicate china collection. Many crockery items are on display for easy access, such as tableware, dinnerware, kettle, porcelain, etc. Milk paint cabinets in pastel hues such as pale yellow, cream, or blue look captivating. 

Combining traditional cabinetry with soft and appealing colors makes the space more lively. You can also add greenery, such as cute little pots, but try to avoid the plastic ones as they ruin the entire look.

However, cabinets with tempered glass add a touch of modernism to the traditional country house style and are ideal for lower ceiling heights homes and are becoming increasingly popular. You can also check out  Kennedy kitchens and baths for custom kitchen cabinets. Everything is done professionally and under your supervision, from deciding the material to the final touches.


Backsplash Tiles


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Cabin-style painted backsplash tiling is very well-liked in traditional kitchen artwork-country-style. You can consider yourself fortunate if you find those beautiful vintage hand-painted tiles. It gives your kitchen a much more distinctive look.

Apart from the vintage-style tile, backsplash tiles are also an emerging trend that gives your kitchen a sense of modernity. Backsplash mosaic tiles help bring patterns and colors to a country-style kitchen, with looks covering from modern-country herringbone to model patchwork-style designs and more contemporary motifs and shapes.

The hand-cut glass mosaic backsplash tiles include greys, blue, and hints of white that comprehend typical country colors but in a sensational way. You can also create an impact by placing these tiles across an entire wall or putting it on half of the wall for a precise finish.


Rustic Furniture and Aesthetic Detailing


When designing your country kitchen, you are creating a space to gather altogether is the key. A rustic wooden table paired with armorial chairs functions as a center of attraction as it is one of the conventional furniture pieces. It acts as a dining table, workspace, and evening tea spot.

For the details, It is always ideal to go for an antique piece as it enhances the charisma, and you don’t need to panic about all the scratches and dents as it is all a part of the charm. On walls, classical lights are a good substitute for contemporary spots.

Although fixed lighting works best for lighting up a table, edged wall lights are great for workstations like countertops and sinks. Whether traditional or modern, feature lighting is a must in a kitchen. It creates prime focus and can significantly influence the space.


What Material and Color to Use


Country kitchens are all about candidness and natural materials. Beams help to add ambiance if you’re seeking to recreate classic rustic appeal but in modern interpretations. Stone is a crucial part of the country kitchen look that brings soundness and is more inclined towards quality artisanship and durability. You can complement the whole look with timber work and wooden handles.

Pastel shades often work well as a foundation for kitchen artwork-country style, helping to originate a smooth and comforting surrounding.

 Neutral color plans are great to hold up striking colors. Integrating Gray into a pastoral scheme by thoughtfully selecting the undertones, such as warm green-grey, would be perfect for a country-style kitchen.


How to Decorate Your Kitchen Art Wall


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Opting for bold and radical decor doesn’t always mean you need a larger space. You can apply an enlarged botanic covering that allows the area to be more extensive. Another option is to attach wooden panels that can be painted in the shade to go with the cabinets.

You can also add quotes to the walls to give a character to your walls, or you can design a feature wall by painting a small section of the border with chalkboard paint. One can never go wrong with photos. You can hang your favorite family pictures to make your kitchen area look more comforting and yet cheerful.




Country-style kitchen artwork is about minimalist vibes. It is the space where you will be spending most of your time with your family, carrying out fun activities. It provides a great bonding experience. 

We have listed what features and elements need to be in the country-style kitchen artwork, so now you can design your ideal kitchen as per your needs and wants!