Security systems seem like the most necessary accessories to integrate into your house if you want a safe living free of threats and burglars. They can keep you updated about the security conditions of your house no matter if you’re at home or not. That is why many manufacturing companies keep a keen concern about producing the highest quality of home security systems.

If we talk about the premium quality of home security systems, Vivint home security systems ties for 2nd ranking in the world for serving as the best security operations. People looking forward to installing fully automatic systems in their houses consider Vivint additions as their best choice.

So, if you are thinking about further details about Vivint security systems, let’s head to the following article.

What are Vivint Security Systems? – A Short Overview

Vivint security systems can be defined as the integration of different devices that work together to keep your house free from threats. It comes with several components and devices associated with your houses’ entrance, like doors and main gates. The specialised Vivint security is also an in-home consultation with an experienced security advisor.

Thus, it can work easily with an automated app. There is no need for you to hire professionals to install it in different places of your house. Furthermore, it offers extensive customization of the specifications. You can set the alarms according to your needs depending on the threats you can face.

Some of the important components or security devices that are available with this system are given as under:

  • Vivint Smart Hub
  • One motion sensor
  • One leak sensor
  • Two sensors for window and door
  • Touch screen controlling device
  • 24-hour backup battery
  • Smart drive for video recording
  • Doorbell camera

All these components play the leading role in improving its efficiency in keeping your house safe. However, customers have access to ask manufacturers for customising their security systems. The whole Vivint home security system is available for $50 to $399. But you can get personalised devices for $100.

One of the basic qualities of this unique system is that it can easily incorporate with your vehicle’s OBD port. In this way, you can operate the security devices of the whole house with a cellular network. Besides, it has the quality to connect to all your house devices and receive security alarms from any corner of the home.

If we talk about the camera quality of Vivint security systems, they stand out of the market for image quality. In addition to this, you’ll also get a 180-degree view of the place where you place its cameras. They also feature a red light that is more than enough to scare the person intruding on your house.

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What is the Working of Security Systems by Vivint?

One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of Vivint home security systems is that they offer an easy working mechanism for all types of house infrastructures. It comes with a feature to monitor your house 24/7 and rings an alarm after triggering anything unusual.

When the alarm is triggered, it will induce the monitoring system to contact the Smart Hub speaker. After that, the security system will automatically call the phone numbers you provide. In this way, it will let you know about the disturbance caused in your house.

But, if you don’t respond to the calls, it will dispatch all emergency services automatically in all places of your house. Upon realising the disturbance, you can view the monitoring system by checking the Smart Hub speaker and camera. Thus, don’t worry about any criminal activity that can damage your property.

It also supports an emergency or distress code to notify the monitoring system about any forced activity. The major purpose of generating the distress code is to send a silent alert to the Vivint monitors to make it dispatch the authorities. It releases this distress code for about 30 seconds.

Besides, it also comes with the distinguishing feature of sending a panic alarm to the mobile app. The Vivint security system has a monitoring agent that is specialised for contacting you when you send an alert.

In addition to all these features, it offers the availability of automation integration. You have access to lock or unlock the doors by using the Vivint app and setting the alarm to trigger when someone enters your house. You can add all these functions by using the control panel and mobile.


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Can You Integrate Vivint Security System with Your Thermostat?

You can easily integrate the Vivint home security system with your thermostat. It comes with a genuine smart thermostat. Thus, you can control all settings using the mobile app or even through Amazon Alexa. The integration of the thermostat with the Vivint security system helps adjust the settings and save energy when you’re not home.

Is Vivint Security System Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it if you want something to secure your house from all aspects. It stands out from the competition because of its network’s wide range of security devices. Furthermore, customers love this security addition since they have access to customise the features. You don’t have to contact your local operator to control your house’s security system.


Thus, according to expert suggestions, Vivint security systems are the best for houses since they support an extensive network to control the operations of your home.