vent hood
When it comes to Luxury Kitchen Renovations don’t forget about
the appeal of your Kitchen Vent Hood. Setting the tone can come in the form of
quite a few different models. All of which obviously won’t work in every
application but here are few to consider when that time of the project arrives.

Whereas most vent hoods of old are square and set between cabinets, look for Curvy creating a


bit of seductive appeal. For a contemporary kitchen  boasting flat surfaces and
straight lines, especially with glass edging this can bring just the right amount of style to your design.


Exposed duct work can bring a ton of industrial dramatization to a large open kitchen.


Hammered steel or a hammered copper may tarnish over time keep in mind this type of aging makes each piece
a unique masterful work of art, making it the center piece of the room.


Keeping with the advantages of the over sized Kitchen Vent Hood shiny metal can do wonders for complimenting
dark cabinetry and brighten the room. All the while helping the vent hood seem to pop off the wall and grab your attention.


A strong center wall Kitchen Vent Hood free from cabinets can be just the
right choice for a glass tile or stone full counter top to ceiling back splash. Floating shelves
on each side will certainly produce a much cleaner looking open kitchen.


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