Most Popular Bathroom Renovations
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Although you don’t spend all your time in the bathroom, it is likely that you’ll be in there several times a day. This makes bathroom renovations on the top of most home owner’s makeover list!
Bathroom Renovations
Here are five of the most popular bathroom renovations:
Sink It
Adding an additional sink not only saves time but also saves space. Instead of elbowing each other while trying to brush your teeth, two people can clean their teeth at once with ample room. Furthermore, an extra sink allows more than one person to get ready in the morning or before bed at the same time.

Updating the tile in your bathroom is a popular renovation as it can be inexpensive while changing the entire look of the room.
There are many options that you can go with, including glass tiles that can give an underwater appearance while adding a splash of elegance to any bathroom.
On the other hand, the subway tile is a trendy style that’s crisp and matches the porcelain appliances found in most bathrooms.
No matter what style you choose, updating the tile found in your bathroom is a great way to renovate and it can get rid of the grout and mold that might have accumulated on your existing tile.
See It
Adding a window to your shower space will let in more natural light. If your shower space already features a window or is centered in your home and you can’t install one, you can add designer track lighting or floor lighting to bathe your washroom in a nice soft glow.
Keep in mind that if you’re adding a window to your shower space, it should be at the head level of the tallest person in your house. You don’t want your neighbors to get an unwanted eyeful as you wash up!
In-floor heating is more practical than it looks. It’s comfortable, cost-effective, and on a cold winter’s day, you’ll be glad to have it when you step out of the shower.
A fireplace can also keep you warm when it’s cold outside. Indulge in a warm bath, with a glass of wine and a good book while the fire crackles and you may never want to leave the bathroom!
Mount It
Instead of pump and bar soaps, why not modernize your bathroom by adding wall-mount soap dispensers?
Dispensers like the Curve Soap & Shower Dispenser is sleek and comes in a gorgeous silver gloss finish. They’re easy to fill, come with one chamber or three, and match most color schemes.
Mount one in your shower, by the sink, and near the tub, and you’ll have soap, shampoo and body wash at your fingertips… Literally!
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