Barn Door Facts

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  Barn Door Facts   How do you make a homemade barn door? Materials: Step 1: Choose Your Lumber and Hardware Kit. Step 2: Remove Door and Measure Opening. Step 3: Cut Your Boards to Size and Create Pattern. Step 4: Apply Stain or Paint. Step 5: Install Support Moulding. Step 6: Attach Roller Hardware.

9 Cabinet Door Style Ideas for your Luxury Kitchen

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I came across this very informative article by Bianca Noorda, I think you will love it! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!! ·  Choosing the Right Kind Of Kitchen Cabinet Door Choosing the right kind of cabinet doors for your kitchen can give a headache to even the most knowledgeable

Most Popular Bathroom Renovations/Organized Bath

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Most Popular Bathroom Renovations According to here is the “Most Popular Bathroom Renovations” Do you agree? Leave us your feedback in the comment section.     Although you don’t spend all your time in the bathroom, it is likely that you’ll be in there several times a day. This makes bathroom renovations on

How to Budget your Bathroom Remodel

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Part One How much will it cost to remodel your bathroom? The million dollar question, right? With material cost and personal preference there is no exact way to get an exact number. But for a general idea that is manageable, incorporate this strategy in your budget planning. Count the amount of “holes” being included in

DIY Picture Holder Shou-sugi-ban Technique

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Kitchen Vent Hoods

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When it comes to Luxury Kitchen Renovations don’t forget about the appeal of your Kitchen Vent Hood. Setting the tone can come in the form of quite a few different models. All of which obviously won’t work in every application but here are few to consider when that time of the project arrives. Whereas most

Kitchen Renovations-Modern

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Kitchen Renovations deliver a powerful punch when it comes to your homes resale value. Exploring your options for future planning and personal enjoyment can come in the form of a modern kitchen. With the smaller add-ons or upgrades giving you a certain level of modernization, lets discuss some larger more wow-factor upgrades that may attract

Upscale Downtown Living

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Upscale Downtown Living with a flair! Have all the busy downtown streets and frantic work day blues associated with just getting to work taken a toll? Are you ready to relax and get your head clear and settled? Are you sacrificing a more comfortable home for a quicker commute to your job? Is your home

Dark and Dated Rooms Transformed

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Transforming any room can sometimes be a task, especially those used daily. Living rooms with tall ceilings at times seem uninviting and just plain ugly. With the 70’s and 80’s dark and dated wood baseboards and window trim combined with the corresponding  built in wall cabinet of the not so distant past, it can appear

Heart Pine Floors

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Heart Pine Floors - Elegance Heart pine floors scream elegance! No matter the generation you are from the use of heart pine floors in your home will not only bring out your taste for the finer things in life it will last a lifetime. Heart pine floors have a distinct yet unique look sought after

Luxury Handicap Shower ADA

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Luxury Handicap Shower Handicap showers can be pre planned to age in place or perhaps an immediate need is at hand. Either way the possibilities are endless. The amount of space required to insure maximum maneuverability opens the door to luxurious features. When designing your layout, work ability and creativity go hand in

Perfect Custom Shower Bench

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Custom shower benches are very useful to say the least. Creative designs can have a dramatic effect on the final look of the #renovation. The proper layout, sizing and material of choice all are factors in the final functionality and appeal.     The “standard bench” is somewhat of the past. With product Evolution comes

Carrera Marble Bathroom Idea

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Often regarded as a timeless white marble is not only an excellent choice for your shower walls and floors. The addition of Carrera Marble for vanity tops can be just what you need to bring it all full circle. White natural stone paired with nickel finish shower fixtures or vanity fixtures is sure to demand

DIY Wine Cellar

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DIY Wine Cellar With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, relaxation is an after thought of sort.  Managing your time wisely is a full time job. Since your home is your retreat why not make it a vacation type atmosphere. When visiting resorts have you ever said, “I wish I had this at  home”?

Modern Shower Designs

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One of the most important rooms in your present or future home is the Master bathroom, It’s focal point, the shower or at least it should be. Renovating or looking to buy it  usually tops the list of deal makers or breakers!! With all the ideas on the internet this day in time it proves


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