Part One
How much will it cost to remodel your bathroom? The million dollar
question, right? With material cost and personal preference there is no exact way to get an exact number.
But for a general idea that is manageable, incorporate this strategy
in your budget planning.
Count the amount of “holes” being included in the renovation. WHAT? Lol. Ok you have,
In a smaller bathroom a toilet, single vanity, shower/tub. So that’s 3 “holes”. Got it?
For each “hole” figure $3,500 so three “holes” is $10,500. Now this doesn’t mean
that the toilet cost is $3,500 dollars, nor the vanity and top. But if you really think
a custom shower cost ONLY $3,500, you’re sadly mistaken. So the cost once combined
actually works out really well. There is a lot to consider like demo, labor to move plumbing valves, tile cost and so on.
The way that breaks down is on a $10,500 bathroom remodeling at least half of your price is
labor, YES labor is a real LINE ITEM. SO keep in mind $5,250 for this example is Material cost.


Now move to the same Bathroom size as above 3 “holes” but medium grade.
Take the original $10,500 and add $5,250 to it, now totaling $15,750. The way this breaks down
is 2/3 of the additional $5,250 ($3,500), is material upgrade, the remainder $1,750 is labor
upcharge, there again, YEP. Installers of all trades are going to charge more
to install higher grade materials.


For High end Luxury upgrade material, there again same principle. Take the
Mid-grade price if $15,750 and add the original material price of $5,250 to it, totaling


Now keep in mind that these numbers can change higher or lower on each grade
depending on personal preference and level of complexity. Things that will raise this price are
moving walls, toilets, tubs and vanities creating a completely
different “footprint” of the room. With a reasonable budget your bathroom remodel
will be a success!
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