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The lighting choice in any kitchen will surely make an impact, why not make it LED Kitchen Lighting. The level of luxury in lighting is unmatched with LED, from Under cabinet to in recessed in ceiling. The innovative ideas and design bring normal areas to life.

Our LED supplier of choice AspectLED has built their business around designing and manufacturing innovative products. From LED Kitchen Lighting to commercial products you can count on quality every time.

Here are a few of the products we have actually used that exceeded our expectations.


LED lights use considerably less electricity than normal or fluorescent light sources. Here are a few other things to consider when choosing LED Kitchen LightingSouthern Style Homes

  1. a 5-to-7-watt LED light bulb is equivalent in brightness to a 60-watt incandescent bulb 
  2. LED light bulbs have been tested as an easy way to reduce consumption without fundamentally changing human behavior
  3.  unlike fluorescent and normal bulbs, LED bulbs do not contain mercury or any other toxic material.

Although LED light bulbs are considerably more expensive to purchase than normal ones their long life-spans and low energy costs make up for this in the medium-to-long term. LED light bulbs last approximately 10 times longer than normal bulbs.

Health consideration for LED Kitchen Lighting

“Artificial Light in general does not pose too much of a hazard. However certain lighting technologies offer the opportunity to improve quality of lighting from a human visual perspective by increasing the flicker frequency and flicker percentage. I suggest if you want a healthy LED lighting system for your clients invest in quality and procure a lighting system with high switching frequencies and preferably uses DC outputs with low ripple current rather than switched frequency outputs.”Tim Hardy, P.E., IESNA

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