Best Kitchen Backsplash Type

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    Introduction Are you struggling to decide on the best material for your kitchen backsplash type? Well, worry not; your struggle comes to an end here. The market is flooded with different backsplash type, but all of them can't meet your requirements. To avoid the risk of ruining your kitchen’s aesthetic and having all

Pros and Cons – Quartz vs Granite

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  Are you struggling to figure out which countertop to go with? Quartz vs Granite? Well, then you’ve landed on the right page. Choosing something like a kitchen countertop material is a big decision since it’s going to stay with you forever. You don't want to make an ill-informed choice and end up not only

6 Modern and Stylish Glass Backsplash Tiles

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6 Modern and Stylish Glass Backsplash Tiles SOURCE: Smudges, stains, and continuous splashes on the walls aren’t enough to tire you. You have tried wallpapers, stencils, and even print, but nothing has worked well due to short durability. Being a homeowner, the dirty spots with fading paint color over the beautiful walls can be

Interior Barn Doors

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Interior Barn Doors Interior barn doors are growing in popularity, in part by home improvement shows like HGTV. From antique doors to custom made barn doors the look can differ greatly. Depending on your home décor the choices are abundant. Material type and style of interior barn door need careful consideration. Hardware type will also

Porcelain Tile – Master Bath Ideas

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Porcelain tiles are produced in a variety of new sizes, colors, styles. Porcelain tile is great to use on walls and floors. Have fun with your tile combinations,  contrast them to really let one shine or use the same tile in both locations. Here we showcase a project from last year using the same  porcelain tile on

Luxury White and Grey Bathroom

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One of the most common size bathrooms to renovate is a 5' x 9' including the tub or shower surround. So what can you do? How much will it Cost? Will it have a Luxury appeal? Columbus Georgia's King of Renovations can help you create that Luxury White and Grey Bathroom with these great products. Any color

8 High Tech Luxury Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Columbus Ga

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Columbus, Georgia's building and renovating is producing a ton of Luxury communities. Keeping up to speed is just not good enough any more to win over prospective clients and new buyers. Lighting is a key factor in every project! In this article we will give you the 8 High Tech Luxury Kitchen Lighting Ideas. I have said in many

Columbus Ga Best Linear Drain Showers

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With linear drains becoming more and more popular in the U.S.A., Columbus GA has caught on! Available in Europe for decades, we finally got it. In the early years here, there was a limited number of suppliers. Now the competition is everywhere. My linear drain supplier if choice is What a Drain, with their versatile lengths and side

Best Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

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  The Best Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Company what we DO! Choosing a qualified Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Company makes all the difference. Here is a list of things we will help you with. GOAL: We will help you in determining the best direction for you to go, in order to reach your goal. Depending

Heated Floors

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With winter time here there is no better way to ease the chill than  heated floors. From hardwood to tile, heated floors are the bomb. Once you experience the luxury you won't want it any other way.   Carpet: Yep that's correct. You can heat your carpet. Generally carpet is comfortable without a heated floor

LED Kitchen Lighting

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The lighting choice in any kitchen will surely make an impact, why not make it LED Kitchen Lighting. The level of luxury in lighting is unmatched with LED, from Under cabinet to in recessed in ceiling. The innovative ideas and design bring normal areas to life. Our LED supplier of choice AspectLED has built their business

Kitchen Renovations

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Your Kitchen is the most popular room in your home. This is where you cook, gather, share stories and entertain family and friends. Kitchen Renovations have a ton  of moving parts. Its important to have qualified contractors to ensure these parts are moving in the right direction. We at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths set you

Granite VS Quartz Countertops How different are they?

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  Fact is the two are completely different. So it’s time for you to choose, Granite Vs Quartz Countertops. The differences are not as clear as you might think.   After all each are marketed as: Hard as Stone Purely Natural Straight from the earth So they must be the same Right? #1 Granite and

The real reason Bathroom Renovations vary in price GREATLY!

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    All Renovation Professionals hear the same question from clients. "What will it cost to renovate my bathroom?" The answer is "Each one is different!" The best way to find out the cost of your Bathroom Renovation is to utilize the FREE estimate most contractors provide. In this article we will give you the real

9 Cabinet Door Style Ideas for your Luxury Kitchen

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I came across this very informative article by Bianca Noorda, I think you will love it! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!! ·  Choosing the Right Kind Of Kitchen Cabinet Door Choosing the right kind of cabinet doors for your kitchen can give a headache to even the most knowledgeable


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