LED Kitchen Lighting

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The lighting choice in any kitchen will surely make an impact, why not make it LED Kitchen Lighting. The level of luxury in lighting is unmatched with LED, from Under cabinet to in recessed in ceiling. The innovative ideas and design bring normal areas to life. Our LED supplier of choice AspectLED has built their business

ADA Bathroom Renovation

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  Accomplishing a successful ADA Bathroom renovation isn't  always an easy thing. But when the stars align and things come together WOW you feel great! Let's explore one of our recent renovation projects! Hand crafted from the demo to the finished product. Now that demo is done  we are ready to go! Let's Go! Burnishing the wood for

I’m ready to Renovate! But Now What?

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www.patreon.com/1724customs Want to know how to find a contractor? Join the club  This just Published  By MARNI JAMESON | PUBLISHED: October 17, 2018 at 8:05 am | UPDATED: October 17, 2018 at 8:11 am “We are only taking work for new home construction or complete renovations,” the woman from the contractor’s office tells me when I ask for a bid on

Four Stunning Styles Of Floating Vanities

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www.patreon.com/1724customs What are some advantages to a floating Vanities?   “They attach to the wall instead of sitting on the floor. Because they free up floor space, they create an elongated look for the bathroom. They also present beautiful focal points. For all of these reasons and more, floating vanitiesare a popular choice when it

5 Best Bathroom Trends

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5 Best Bathroom Trends Today’s bathroom renovations are trending in a variety of ways. From media, lighting, pet friendly, to vent free fire warmth. Depending on your wants and needs choices in this day and age are endless. Your bathroom retreats level of comfort and amenity wealth can reach new heights in 2018. Pet Friendly:

Butcher Block Counter Tops

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So it’s time for countertops, ever thought about Butcher Block Kitchen Counter Tops? There are several different types of wood that can be used, like Oak, Walnut, Teak, Hickory just to name a few. Each providing a unique and beautiful look. Perhaps using Butcher Block Counter Tops on your entire kitchen the counter is too much,


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