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Choosing the best!


You deserve to have all the available knowledge to make and educated decision when it concerns, well EVERYTHING. Choose the best option when renovating your bathroom. But what are your options? Well here you go:



While this may be a solid option when renovating your bathroom you need to know what to expect. Builders generally have the capability of accomplishing a renovation. However a builder mindset is a bit different than you might think.

  1. Renovation Size –Builders work on volume therefore retaining a better price from “subcontractors” for production. Being that said the smaller the project the less attention to detail the “subcontractor” will normally be simply because the money is not there. YES this is a fact. Your contract with the builder may not reflect a low wage for the “subcontractor” however the “trickledown effect” is in full swing.
  2. Builder Size – Smaller builders that don’t work on production maybe a better choice for you. Expect to pay a higher price there again because they do not have volume pricing from “subcontractors”. Keep in mind Builders tend to purchase materials with a builder mindset no matter their size to increase profit margin due to higher skilled “subcontractor” rates.

Restoration Company

The word “restoration” comes from the word restore as you know. Some of these type companies even use the slogan “Like it Never Happened”! Is that really what you want? No you want to be able to tell a difference in before and after, I hope! These companies have talents in other areas like:

  1. Natural Disasters
  2. Water Damages
  3. Fire Damage

The skillset for a Luxury Bathroom Renovation is simply just not there.


Renovation Company

Quality Bathroom Renovations Auburn Alabama

Ok here is where you need to be! It’s where skill and quality material come together. Now expect to invest more in your Luxury Bathroom Renovation for sure! But why?


  1. Yes the first on the list, the days of a Luxury Bathroom Renovation for under $10,000 are looong gone. The industry has finally got up to speed with the rest of the world.
  2. Quality materials just cost more.
  3. Professional skilled installers of every trade simply cost more. They have put in the time to become qualified technicians and charge for their knowledge.
  4. Home protection and dust prevention. If it takes time to do any job expect to pay for it. Professional Renovation Companies provide this service without an option. Why you ask, because they protect your home from further damage that could potentially reflect negatively on them.
  5. Daily service and contact. Let’s face it the longer your renovation takes their profit goes down.


So you have some options when it comes to choosing the best for your bathroom renovation. Do your homework and plan according to your budget!

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Quality Bathroom Renovations Auburn Alabama