Bathroom tile trends are always changing, and they change quickly. Trends in the bathroom flooring scene have been mostly focused on big tiles for a while now. Tile comes in all shapes and sizes. But 12×24 greys and whites are trending STRONG right now. One of the best things about this trend is that it can make any space seem bigger than it actually is. Plus, you can really customize your design with these large tiles to your liking! Explore Trending bathroom floors in this article.

Grey or white tile is the most trending color, but you can also get your tile custom made in any color of tile.

– 12×24 tiles are all over Instagram and Pinterest right now! Try looking up #kingofrenovations on either platform to see examples of this tile trend.

– You can find these large tiles at almost every home improvement store near you! Most places offer a wide selection for different prices. Another great place to look would be online retailers that specialize in handcrafted products– they will likely have some unique options too!

– The best thing about big tile floors is how customizable it really makes each design choice when working with them. There’s a lot more room for creativity here than there was before when using smaller boring 12 x12 tiles.

Trending Bathroom Floors

Trending Styles

– tile size

12 x 24

24 x 36

48 x 96

– tile patterns

Running Bond

Brick set

Third offset

– tile colors



Where to install tile in the bathroom is a great complimenting touch when renovating. The relaxing space can be brought back to life with big tile ideas for your home! Timeless grey or white are key trending options, while direction of installation will really help pull together an entire look and feel in the room. These elements do not have set rules but their placement does make a statement in regards to personal style choices. With so many options available you will never get tired of reaping benefits from this upgrade in any sized bathroom renovation project .

Trending bathroom floors:

installation patterntrending bathroom tile

– directional installation




– bathroom tile patterns



Double Herringbone

– installation ideas

Heated floor

Professional tile installers know that, in order for a bathroom to look its best and feel comfortable as soon as possible after installation is complete. The key point about directional installations are those which put larger tiles towards the center where there’s an open area or focal point such as your bathtub so visitors can pay attention specifically on what you want them too without feeling overwhelmed by other aspects like fixtures!


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While stylish lighting is trending in bathrooms, be sure to invest in some great lighting…LED for sure.


Trending Bathroom Floors


When you’re ready to make the change from a dated flooring, tile is one of the many options that can help you create a fresh and modern look. With so many choices out there, it might be difficult deciding which ones are right for your space. Fortunately, we have some insight into what looks like they will be trending in the near future—and white and greys seem to be popular among homeowners! Schedule an appointment with us today at Kennedy Kitchens & Baths if you want to learn more about how these colors work well together or need assistance picking them out for your home or office design project. We offer paid consultations where our experts will walk through all of your different color scheme possibilities with no commitment required.