Have you ever stood in front of the paint swatches at your local home improvement store and felt like picking out a color was impossible? It’s hard to decide on the right shade when there are so many options! But don’t worry, we have a few tips that will help make this daunting task much easier. Depending on the size of your bathroom or bedroom, you should select from one of two primary palettes: warm or cool. Warm colors evoke feelings of warmth and coziness while cool paint colors give off a feeling of freshness and serenity.

Paint Colors for Bathrooms: Finding the Perfect Shade to Enhance Your Home Beautiful bathroom remodels and decorating ideas are one of the most beneficial home improvement projects to take on because these spaces have an enormous impact on the overall value of your home. Incorporating a few simple bathroom design ideas can take an outdated home into the 21st century, both in style and in buyer appeal.

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5 Types of Wall Paints and Finishes




  •  Flat paints are best for surfaces that will be kept clean. These types of paint require few coats and provide great coverage, though they can chip if handled incorrectly or with cleaner products like water-based cleaners which dulls the finish on your newly painted object over time. Flat Paint is also known as Matte Paints because it has less shine than glossier satin or eggshell finishes


  •  Eggshell paints are a very popular option for painting surfaces. These finishes have the delicate low sheen of an egg, but they still cover any imperfections and can be more durable than flat paint with satin or gloss options available if need be! Egg shells works best in low traffic areas like living rooms or hallways since it provides that same level lustrous shine while not being too flashy which will help keep your home looking elegant.


  • Satin finishes are the most common interior paint finish. They have a velvety sheen and can be easier to clean than flat or eggshell paints, making them great for high traffic areas like kitchens; playrooms; family rooms bathroom laundry rooms (before using this type of paint ensure you know how significantly more likely brushstrokes will show through).

Semi- Gloss

  • Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss paints are perfect for those who want a durable shine with the added bonus of being weather resistant. These types of paint will show imperfections more than less shiny finishes so they’re best suited to use in rooms that get constant wear and tear, like kids’ rooms or bathrooms! Semi gloss also has great durability making it an excellent choice as trim on your house exterior.

High- Gloss

  • High-gloss: High-gloss paints provide the most durable and washable finish of all these family members. Great for daily scrubbing in addition to being used for doors, trim and cabinetry indoors or out! In order to get maximum benefits from this type paint don’t forget about using it on your outdoor projects too – just make sure you carefully prep before application so as not have any imperfections show up when done incorrectly

Trending paint colors 2021

PPG: Transcend, Misty Aqua, Big Cypress

Transcend, Big Cypress and Misty Aqua. The Paint Color Palette  is a must-have for anyone who wants to fully embrace mindfulness and intention. The first ever color trio celebrates natural hues that are calming, compassionate or hopeful – depending on your perspective! This palette relates to people prioritize wellness in mind body & spirit while also being mindful about their physical beauty too.

Paint Colors for Bathrooms: Finding the Perfect Shade to Enhance Your Home

Paint Colors for Bathrooms: Finding the Perfect Shade to Enhance Your Home They are your primary mode for establishing an overall decor scheme, and make the boldest overall design statement. The right shade can take a drab and outdated space from ordinary to extraordinary, instantly embodying nearly any decor scheme you wish. Our latest interior design guide filled with the top 2021 colors for bathrooms will help you discover the perfect shades for your space to create an absolutely gorgeous space to enjoy day after day.


Warm colors are traditional shades rooted in yellow or beige undertones found in reds and browns. Cool hues tend to have the crisp grey or blue foundation found in most contemporary designs. The most popular paint colors for bathrooms tend to be cooler shades that embody a relaxing spa like feel. No matter which color trends you choose, it is imperative that all shades in your design fall into the same family in order to ensure a beautiful cohesive look.

Whether you prefer trending green tones or trending purple tones , there has never been more variety from paint companies as they continue to innovate their products with every passing season. From light airy piece such as Benjamin Moore‘s Silvermist to trending blue such as Sherwin Williams‘ Blue Depths , the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

So don’t be afraid when it comes to choosing a paint color for bathrooms and other rooms in your home. The bathroom has always been an area where homeowners are willing to take risks with their design choices, so why not try something new?

What to Consider When Choosing a Paint Finish


  •  Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a paint finish is the amount of traffic that your room will endure. Busy rooms like kitchens and playrooms will benefit from more durable finishes like satin and semi-gloss, while calmer rooms like dining rooms can get away with eggshell or even flat paints.

Paint Sheen

  •  Paint finishes are categorized in terms of their luster, from no-shine flat finishes to very shiny high-gloss finishes. The shininess of each finish will affect the amount of light that they reflect back into the room. So if you want to try to help brighten a dim place, a slightly higher-gloss finish will do better than a matte finish.

Surface Imperfections

  • Surface imperfections. The more reflective a finish, the more it will show surface imperfections in the thing you’re painting. If you want to paint a wall that has lots of nail holes or patches. You may want to consider a less glossy paint. It will help mask those blemishes and keep the wall looking smooth.


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