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WELL , what do we have here? A repeat of product? A great marketing plan? Or manufactures trying to get one over on the installers/homeowners? You tell me.
RedGard V.S. Laticrete 9235.

Now Customs who (owns RedGard) has a great line products no doubt, Laticrete is another big player in the game. SO what are they really trying to get with these two products?

More installations (users) ? Or more installation failures?

From alot contractors point of view, if its written on the uses section or website we are covered to use it. But are you really safe??

I was in a local tile store in Columbus Ga the other day and over heard a 10 year tile installer say ( Ya’ll still use RedGard ). Yet this same installer was impressed with the new Laticrete 9235 paint on panliner at the in house Laticrete demo, presented by the company. Are we all being fooled with smoke and mirrors? Or re-branded marketing ad brilliance at its finest?

Facebook groups boasting to be the ” Most Experienced” tile setters in the world promoting supporters of one and not the other. Further gaping the distance of reality and a great marketing scheme.

TCNA (Tile Counsel North America) uses its certification of “Professional Tile Installers” as a MUST have if you want to be educated. If you want to separate yourself from the competition. Boasting “its hard but worth it”. “You’ll be more educated unlike all those un-certified.
SO do all “Certified Installers” following the TCNA Handbook use RedGard or Laticrete 9235? The handbook IS the TILE BIBLE according to some. OR is it another page in marketing brilliance?

HERE is what both their respective website say about their products. They are blocked from pulling it off their sites.

Laticrete 9235


Are you as confused as most?

As a general rule, educated installers come in the form of experience. RedGard has a definite use in our industry always will. Is a shower pan liner one of those, absolutely not!! Laticrete products have some time to go before their mainstay products emerge. But Laticrete 9235 for a shower pan?, positively not!


Perdido Key Fl ADA Bathroom Luxury