light grey floor and wall tile

Grey tiles for bathroom

Concrete-style grey tiles are a popular choice for creating a consistent floor to ceiling design in the bathroom. Ranges such as  Domus grey tiles include matching floor and wall tiles, as well as a feature tile to use in shower enclosures for a focal point. depth and texture are popular feature wall designs, therefore the textured ripple effect of the Domus range is a great choice. The Perfect Grey Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile is  Daltile Revotile concrete look.

For something more creative. Daltile Revotile  can be used in both floor and wall applications to create an elegant look. If you want to brighten up the room, choose contrasting tiles with white or grey grout for walls and floors. Alternatively, if you would rather not see grout between your tiles all the time, apply a ceramic epoxy treatment on the tiles to match them together seamlessly while still offering some water-resistance .

Color Co-ordinating

grey floor and wall tile

You might also want to think about colour co-ordinating with your towels and other bathroom fittings. Dark grey walls will work best against light blue accessories. Whereas lighter walls are better suited next to white or silver fixtures. You can even consider grey mirrored tiles to add a dramatic effect. Grey glazed ware can also be used in the bathroom to match with your wall and floor tile choice.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should use marble tiles for your bathroom. I suggest that it’s best to do research on natural stone maintenance. To make up for this, opt for co-ordinating black mosaic porcelain tiles instead. They create an understated look while still offering some natural beauty. Due to the patterning of the marble veins.

Sealer I recommend for natural stone is Rarefier from K.O.R. Stone Care Products for all Natural Stone and grout Maintenance.

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Grey tiles for small bathrooms

Smaller bathrooms may be more appropriate for smaller grey metro tiles, such as the Daltile Raine. Small tile designs may be used to provide a distinctive visual impact in larger spaces. The Raine grey tiles, for example. These are a fantastic variation on the conventional white metro tiles that are so popular in bathroom decors. Grey-toned tile is darker and slightly more distinctive than a typical white. But it still has an attractive “bright” appearance. In the hands of a skilled designer. This color combination may be used to create a space that is both stylish and functional.

Another approach to consider when dealing with small bathrooms is the use of what are called half tiles. These smaller designs have a much greater visual impact in spaces where there is little wall area for decoration. The same effect could also be accomplished by using tiles in a horizontal direction instead of vertically. Creating a unique look particularly well suited to small spaces.

Other Tile Color options

Caramel Brown Tiles for Large Bathrooms

A classic bathroom decor involving blue ceramic patterns on walls. However, brown tiles add a new dimension to this classic theme. They are also popular in modern settings. Perhaps because they provide a contrasting background for the splash of colors that are often used in accessories and accents.

Caramel brown tiles can provide texture and visual contrast to many different bathroom styles. Whether you prefer an ultra-modern look or something more traditional. These tiles may be used to achieve your goals while also providing additional warmth. When combined with natural lighting, these caramel tiles will create soothing ambiance in your bathroom decorating plan.

Blue Tiles for Bathrooms

The remarkably versatile color blue is often seen as a counterpoint to white walls in bathrooms throughout the world. Blue ceramic designs have been surrounded by controversy over time due to their tendency to fade when exposed to sunlight.

Grey tiles for shower wallsgrey bathroom floor

Tile wall and floor coverings that include a prominent tile, such as this marble mosaic shower. With glass doors and exposed brick walls. These  help you create a lot of flow from the floor up through the wall while also attracting attention.

Versatile collections like the Stone Trend feature both light and dark grey tiles. These are utilized as wall and floor tiles. Mix and match options ensure that you can customize your shower with a look like these.

Grey Tiles for Shower Walls – Image below Resource:

An effective way to design a bathroom space with grey porcelain bathroom tile!

Tiles for Shower Walls

grey bathroom floor tile


If you have never considered installing a grey tile flooring in your bathroom. It’s be time to take the leap. Grey porcelain is trending right now and can add an elegant touch of sophistication or modernity to any space. It’s also very easy to care for so this type of tile will always look great! Schedule a consultation today at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths today. If you want help with deciding on the best color scheme for your home renovation project. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Our team could make designing your dream kitchen easier than ever before!

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