Which grout stain blocker works? If you’re like me, then you want to know what the truth is. I am a homeowner and DIYer who has always been looking for ways to save money and time on my projects. As such, I’ve had my fair share of DIY fails over the years- luckily they were all paint related! The idea of spending $70+ per gallon on paint or having to pay a contractor an hourly rate just doesn’t seem worth it when there are so many other things that need fixing around the house that cost more than painting. So this summer when I was going through my list of ‘must fix’ items in preparation for fall/winter, one thing that stuck out as being something we have never done before, seal the shower grout.

So first what is grout made of and used for?

“Grout is a dense fluid which is used to fill gaps or used as reinforcement in existing structures. Grout is generally a mixture of water, cement, and sand and is employed in pressure grouting, embedding rebar in masonry walls, connecting sections of pre-cast concrete, filling voids, and sealing joints such as those between tiles. Common uses for grout in the household include filling in tiles of shower floors and kitchen tiles. It is often color tinted when it has to be kept visible and sometimes includes fine gravel when being used to fill large spaces. Unlike other structural pastes such as plaster or joint compound, correctly mixed and applied grout forms a water resistant seal.”

Answers to Readers Questions:

1. Why does shower grout discolor?

Toiletries. Shampoos, soaps, and other personal items used in showers contain chemicals that can cause discoloration, and hence, yellowing of grout.
Body Oils. Skin and hair oils contain many contaminants that can cause discoloration of not only grout but also tile.

2. What is the cause of the discoloration?
Not only will our cleaning procedures contribute to the penetration of surface contaminants, but the wet environment is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. You might notice that your grout turns brown much quicker in your shower than any other area of your home. This could mean that mold spores and mildew are setting up deep within your grout.

3. How to clean and prevent it from happening in the future?
Install tile the right way to prevent grout discoloration. One of the most important factors in preventing grout discoloration is proper installation.
Cleaning and Resealing Tile. After grout is installed, simple maintenance and cleaning will keep it looking new.
Grout Colorant and Dyes. In some cases, cleaning discolored grout isn’t enough. For faded grout, try restoring its appearance with a grout colorant.

Dangers and Tips:

4. The dangers of not cleaning your shower grout regularly?
“Have you ever tried to clean those dark lines between your shower tile? Does it seem like no matter how hard you scrub, you just can’t get them clean? That’s because you’ve got staining. Prolonged exposure to water, the growth of bacteria, and dyes from personal products like shampoos and body washes can all stain your tile and grout. You should invest in shower tile sealing.
By sealing your shower grout and tile, you protect it against stains  and prevent permanent damage to your tile and grout.

5. Tips for keeping your shower looking fresh all year long. If your grout or stone is weakened by prolonged exposure to water. Or from harsh chemicals and scrubbing from trying to get rid of staining, failing to seal it can shorten its life span considerably. With the right care, your tile and grout can last for centuries – well past the time you should have to think about it in your life time. Without the right care, you will have to repair or replace the tile far ahead of schedule. Wouldn’t it be so much better to just leave your tile shower floor and surround as they are?

Here are two of the most popular questions we have been asked. Why does shower grout discolor over time?,  Which grout stain blocker works? This can be due to a number of factors, but one main cause is calcium deposits. The more often you clean your grout and seal it with K.O.R. Ironclad Tile & Stone Sealer, the less likely this will happen! We want all our customers to enjoy their bathrooms for years to come. So we offer these tips on how keep them looking fresh all year long.



So which grout stain blocker works?

The only tile and stone sealer that cleans as you go.
K.O.R. Ironclad “Tile and Stone Sealer” is a revolutionary new product that places a thin layer of high-end polymers between the surface of tile or stone and potential stains, such as coffee, tea, wine, etc. So when you clean the surface with “Rarefier’ cleaner from K.O.R. Stone Care Products and seal “Ironclad” grout and tile sealer , the seal gives you time to clean up before the potential damage becomes permanent.
Use K.O.R Ironclad Tile & Stone Sealer on for peace of mind!

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