Reviewing the Best Versatile Bath Fan
Are you looking for a decent quality bath fan to keep the air circulating and humidity down? Well, here, we will review an amazing bathroom fan that will be the best fit for your bath. Let’s check it.

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Broan-NuTone AER110RGBL Chroma Comfort                                                                           

It is one of the best and most versatile bathroom fans. It is fast, durable, works quietly and gives colorful vibes with its RGB LEDs.

Here are some more features of it.

    • Broan Chroma Comfort Incredible Features of the Best Versatile Bath Fan
  • Efficient Ventilation
  • The Chroma Comfort offers ventilation to a large area. It is designed to regulate the air from a bathroom to a big room. The exhaust efficiently operates and expels out the bad air and moisture in a small amount of time.

Moreover, the Broan Croma Comfort has 110 CFM for proper and effective ventilation. For many exhaust fans, this is a large area to operate. Usually, bathrooms are not that big, so Broan’s fan is an ideal option to clean out all the air from your bathroom. It also works fast enough, clearing mist of hot water that you will not have the blurry mirror for too long.

Less Noisy

Even though it is powerful to exhaust air, it doesn’t produce much sound. Many powerful fans participate greatly in noise pollution. On the other hand, Chroma Comfort doesn’t. Moreover, it will not irritate you while you bathe with its buzzing sound.

The sound reading of Croma Comfort is 1.5 sones. This is so low that you can’t even notice the sound in the noise of the shower. To make it clear for you, 1 sone is equal to a refrigerator’s hum in a quiet environment, while 2 sones is almost equal to whispering.

Although many people love the quietness of the fan, you will still hear a hum if you don’t have any open tap. However, fortunately, the sound is not disturbing and gets on your nerves.

Easily Controllable

The most amazing feature of Broan’s fan is that it comes with Bluetooth technology. You can download the app for remote control. Control the fan speed and other functions from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. The remote control feature adds versatile value to the device. You are free to select the fan speed along with the timer.

Setting the timer helps you to minimize electricity consumption. If you leave the bathroom, set it to turn off after 10 minutes. Not only that, you can pre-set the timer, too. To run the fan every time you enter the bathroom.

LED Lights

Another exciting feature is that it has LED light surrounding the ventilation fan’s grill. You can have an aesthetic light effect while you take a shower according to your mood. There is a wide range in the lights option. It offers 24 different hues with dimming facilities. LEDs are also controllable via a smartphone app. You can get the app for either Apple iPhone or Android.


  • Easy to install
  • Wide color spectrum
  • 24 different hues LED
  • The dimmer ability from 100% to 10%
  • Easily controllable from the smartphone
  • Reduce noise pollution with 1.5 sones
  • Suitable for big rooms due to 110 CFM


  • LED lights are not durable enough
  • Not flush mounted

Selecting a bathroom exhaust fan is not that easy. You need to look at the noisiness of the device and also how much space does it require. Broan “Chroma Comfort” is among those versatile exhaust fans that can work on any condition and are easily adjustable. Their key feature is that you can control them via Bluetooth. So, if you are looking for such type of bathroom fan, it is no doubt a good option. However, still, it depends on your needs and likings.

We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of the best versatile bath fan “Chroma Comfort” and how it can be used to create an optimal bathroom experience. The last thing we want is for you to have any regrets or buyer’s remorse after making such an important purchase, so please give us call if you need anything else! Remember that your satisfaction is our number one priority, which means there are no pressure sales tactics here at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths. Schedule a consultation today with our friendly staff who will work with you on designing the perfect bathroom environment just for YOU—no matter what your budget may happen to be.

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