⦁ Easy installation
⦁ Environment-friendly material
Are you looking for a classy yet trendy freestanding tub to give your bathroom a spacious look? Well, here we will review one of the trending freestanding bathtub that will give a modern look to your bath. Let’s check it!

FerDy Bali 59″ Acrylic Trending Freestanding Bathtub FerDy Bali 59" Acrylic Trending Freestanding Bathtub

It is one of the best freestanding tubs with easy installation and maintenance. FreDy Bali’s freestanding tub has a double-walled installation that keeps water warm for an extended period. Moreover, it comes in different sizes, so you can buy it in whatever size you want.
The best part about this product. It doesn’t take much space and can be adjusted to your old settings. So, whether you are designing a new bathroom or renovating an old one, FerdY Bali is the best choice.
Let’s check its features of this Trending Freestanding Bathtub

FerdY Bali Acrylic Freestanding Bath Features

Beautiful Geometric Shape

FredY Bali tub comes with a beautiful geometrical shape that cradles your body once you lie down to relax. The dynamic curvatures come from cast resin. The gloss cast resin is weighted and easy to clean. The finishing of the tub guarantees years of long life.
FredY Bali, with a 59-inch length and 15-inch soaking depth, gives a unique and spa experience at home. The sloped lumbar provides extra support to your neck and does not make the bathing experience hectic.

High-Quality Material

The product is manufactured from 100% glossy white acrylic, which is further reinforced with fiberglass. The high-quality material ensures the long durability of the product. FredY Bali is easy to clean but also the material used is non-cracking, durable, non-toxic, and high end.
The double-walled consists of a mixture of fiberglass resin and polyethylene resin that provides thermostatic effects. This construction enables the water to keep warm longer, making your bathing experience more relaxing.

Easy Installation

One of the common questions that customers have in mind is how to install? The answer is the installation of FredY Bali is easy with adjustable leveling feet. They can be set at any surface level.
You can add it to a new setting or too old ones by slightly adjusting the levels. The tub has pre-installed plastic and brass drain pipes on the inner surface of the tub. Drain stoppers are sold separately.


⦁ Shape: Oval
⦁ Installation Method: Freestanding
⦁ Dimensions: 59.06″x27.76″x22.83″
⦁ Soaking Depth: 15.55″
⦁ Water Capacity: 58 Gallons
⦁ Weight: 72.9 LBS
⦁ Style: Double-Ended
⦁ Overflow Type: Integrated Slotted Overflow
⦁ Drain Type: Pop up
⦁ Drain Finish: Brushed Nickel
⦁ Included: Flexible Drain Hose, Brass drain pipe, 5 leveling legs


⦁ e-walled
⦁ Durable
⦁ Keep water warm longer
⦁ Easy cleaning
⦁ Adjustable drain pipes
⦁ Best suited for small spaces


⦁ Often the drain stopper could not hold water in the tub

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Choosing a trending freestanding bathtub for a better bathing experience along with a good aesthetic is not an easy task. You will need to consider its dimension, material, and installation process. On the top of that, looking for particular freestanding tub advantages is also crucial.
FredY Bali offers various dimensions as per your need and uses environmentally friendly yet durable material. The installation process is simple. One of the best and reliable options out there.
We hope you have liked the review. If you have found it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends & family.

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