A little inspiration is always helpful when starting any renovation project. Have you ever desired marble sinks or a spa-style shower? Perhaps you’ve noticed one of these five reasons that your bathroom needs to be updated. We’ve collected the top bathroom design trends for 2022 to get you started, whether it’s because your toilet is due for an upgrade or you haven’t renovated your bathroom since the 1970s (yes, this is a real-life example!). Check out these trending bathroom design plans below and get inspired to create the perfect retreat for yourself. 2022 Trending Bathroom Design are handcrafted furniture vanity, black fixtures, sinks with color, metals,  and wallpaper.

1. Handcrafted Elements

With emerging technology, few things are truly handcrafted anymore; however, bathroom fixtures are experiencing a return to old-fashioned methods of production. Many brands like Waterworks offer traditional styles with classic lines that give them an air of authenticity. A popular reproduction style in bathrooms is Victorian in origin—think ornate details and intricate carvings on nearly every surface in sight. It’s almost surprising when everything isn’t covered in flourishes! These styles might be too ornate for some tastes.


Simplicity is essential for a luxurious feel. Minimalism is a design movement that can be found in Japanese and Scandinavian designs. Bathrooms still function well, yet natural materials are used more prominently. Natural materials such as wood floors and various textures, as well as limited colors, are part of this style. Minimalist bathrooms lack clutter, which gives the bathroom a more spacious feeling and allows for better hygiene.


Themes and MoodsTrending Design Plans


Trending Bathroom Design

While bathrooms still maintain their function, they can now be designed with a social aspect in mind. It’s now possible to transform your bathroom into a luxurious steam shower or take advantage of smart technology such as Amazon’s Alexa. That way you can make use


Black fixtures  trending fixture design

In 2022, matte black faucets will be all the rage. Although black fixtures aren’t a completely new trend, they are nevertheless a major one this year. In comparison to brass and chrome finishes, black has a bit of an edge and really adds intrigue to the basic bathroom. They’re contemporary yet luxurious, and they go with almost every interior design style.

White with black accents

The combination of white and black is a classic one. It’s never going out of style because it mimics the contrast between day and night, as well as light and darkness. In 2022 this color scheme will especially pop against a sleek backdrop in a minimalist bathroom or a spa-inspired design.


Sinks with Color

For a long time, white was the dominant basin color. But what could be more thrilling than washing your hands in a pink basin? Colorful baths and basins have been popular since the 1970s. They’re eye-catching additions to any bathroom. They come in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and pink, so you can express yourself with a pop of color.

Gold fixtures

Last but not least, dark gold will be an easy way to switch up your bathroom in 2022. Gold is already one of the most sought-after metals today, it has already established itself as a luxurious architectural element in the 21st century. It adds glamour to any room and recalls

Custom Luxuries trending bathroom design

Trending Bathroom Design

It’s time to pamper yourself this year. It’s time to upgrade your bathroom so you can unwind and de-stress. Whatever you want in the shower rain head or in 2022 ‘s finest smart bathrooms, it’s time to spoil yourself with it. Maybe you’re looking for a shower thermostat or replacing your current system with underfloor heating. Perhaps you’re interested in a rain shower, a luxury bubble bath or simply a steam shower to relax? In 2022 it’s all possible!

Customized experiences will be the hallmark of the bathroom in 2022. You can listen to your favorite music while being in the bathtub with waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Or why not connect a water flosser and a smartphone device so you can brush and floss at the same time? With voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can do all this hands-free from your smartphone device. Plus, smart sinks are already available today that tell you whether there is enough soap left in them before running out. Whatever your heart desires for your dream bathroom in 2022, we hope this list has given you some inspiration!


Metals are also making a comeback in the contemporary bathroom. Metallic fixtures may be used in both modern and traditional bathrooms, with brass, bronze, or silver being popular choices. They can stand out in a contemporary bathroom design or blend in completely in a more conventional environment. You may combine metal sinks with metallic picture frames and brushed metal lampshades for an industrial appearance. Try using bronze walls or room dividers in place of standard white ones. Or, you can opt for a more old school look with a large, metallic framed mirror above a metal sink to reflect the light from your vintage-style ceiling lamp.

Trending Bathroom Design


In this case, bigger is better. Oversized mirrors are both contemporary and classic. They make any bathroom look larger and more luxurious by reflecting not only natural light but also ambient light from the rest of the room. For example, install an oversized oval mirror over a vessel sink or pair it with a pendant fixture to enhance your bathroom’s grandeur. If you prefer something smaller, choose a round mirror instead – they come in small sizes as well as giant ones! Add both types to create dimension and depth by contrasting their shapes against each other. Make a modern statement by going for a round mirror in a room with angular furniture and straight lines.


If you want to add some color to your bathroom, check out the tone on tone look. In this case, you’ll paint all walls and cabinets one color but add an additional one via accessories such as towels, rugs, bathmats, etc. Scandinavian style bathrooms usually utilize white for their walls and cabinets while adding in just a hint of color in the form of a bright chair rail or unique light switch covers. To keep the look sophisticated and not juvenile, stick with pale colors that offer warmth without being too loud . For example: soft blue instead of electric blue! All in all, when choosing colors for your bathroom, make sure they are in line with the style you are trying to achieve.

Carpets & Rugs

Bathroom rugs come in an array of contemporary styles, sizes, and colors that can seamlessly blend into nearly any design scheme. Rugs work especially well in Scandinavian-style bathrooms due to their minimalistic nature. However, if your bathroom is more ornate you can still incorporate a rug without it looking out of place. Remember when choosing a rug for your bathroom to steer clear of the usual suspects such as red or black . Instead choose softer tones like beige or pale pink . Make sure the size of the rug matches its intended location so guests do not trip over it while using the toilet! Bathmats are another great option for bathrooms because they are super absorbent, which is perfect for cleaning up all the excess water that comes with taking a shower.


Tapestries Tapestries are an easy way to transform your bathroom decor without being too over-the-top. Although you can purchase tapestries at nearly any retail store or website, customizing your own using Spoonflower is quite simple and offers unique design possibilities . Choose from dozens of patterns, textures, shapes , and designs to create a personalized masterpiece. Since these designs can be printed on any type of fabric you could even make one out of old t-shirts ! To ensure your tapestry does not look out of place consider purchasing fabric that matches the general tone or color scheme found.

Trending Bathroom Design


You’ve got to start with the basics of what you want your bathroom space to do for you. Is it a place where guests can comfortably visit? One that will be used by family members and kids at various ages? Do you need storage, or just enough room for a toilet and sink? Once we know this information, we can help guide our design decisions so they fit all of your needs. trending design plans an appointment today – Kennedy Kitchens & Baths is always available to chat about new idea.

Trending bathroom design

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