Trending Bathroom Colors 2021

Trending Bathroom Colors 2021 – Whether this is your first time moving into a new house or you’re simply looking to give your old space a touch up, there’s a good chance you’ll be visiting a paint store at some point soon. Make sure that when you do so, you have an idea of trending bathroom colors in 2021 .

Hot Colors for your Bathroom:

trending bathroom colors 2021

Trending Bathroom Colors 2021


Trending Bathroom Paint Colors in 2021 – When it comes to choosing the best color for your bathroom, a lot of people tend to fall back on a safe and neutral option. This is great because neutrals go with everything, but when you’re looking for something new, you might want to try one of these emerging bathroom paint colors. In truth, even if they aren’t quite trending yet, they likely will be by 2022.

Popular Paint Colors

  1. Blue gray: this is an excellent accent wall color for a bedroom or bathroom. It’s calming and adds depth to any space. If you have hardwood flooring in your home, pairing blue grey with oak lends itself well to a classic look that
  2.  Lavender: If you like soft, calming colors and want to create a romantic bathroom, lavender is the way to go. It’s one of those delicate shades that looks well in almost any situation and has been trending for several years now.
  3. Olive green: This color can add depth and richness to your space without feeling too dark or oppressive. It also lends itself well to spa-like bathrooms with earthy tones and natural wood elements .
  4. Copper: Whether painted on its own or used as an accent alongside other colors, copper offers a modern look for your home. If you have a large window in your room, painting it this color makes it feel larger while adding drama to any space .
  5. Yellow: Just because it has a calm inspiring vibe, doesn’t mean yellow isn’t lively. This color is a fun way to bring some boldness into your small space without overwhelming you or guests with its size.
  6. Rose gold: If you’re not feeling the light pink trend that’s been around for several years now, opt for rose gold instead. While it may be more expensive than other metallic hues, this shade brings sophistication and femininity to any bathroom .
  7. Purple: As with blue grey , purple is an excellent choice for creating a romantic look in whatever room it’s used. It works especially well when paired with neutrals because of how calming the two colors are together .
  8. Gray green: A mix between gray and green, this paint color is beautiful , but subtle. It brings a dose of color to your bathroom without feeling out of place or like all the other colors in the room are fighting for attention .
  9. The classics: Classic red, navy blue, white and yellow never go out of style. If you want to bring some timeless style into your home, these shades not only work well together, they look beautiful on their own as well .

Trending Bathroom Colors 2021


A Vanity cabinet is a piece of furniture which provides a space for the storage of bathroom toiletries. Why not make a statement with you color. This article is going to provide you with some Vanity Cabinet ideas when it comes to vanities colors .


Weathered Grey- Applied to a hickory wood this elegant stain brings about the natural beauty of the Vanity colors.

Bleachwood Stain – beach inspired idea for those who have a coastal home, this Vanity color reflects the ocean with dark navy blue and white

Stormborn – Vanity cabinet made to look like it has survived many horrific elements which makes Vanity cabinet truly unique

Pickled finish Vanity Colors are also known as weathered wood vanities , because of the distressed look they bring about. This Vanity colors brings out its natural beauty by allowing you to see the layers of different Vanity cabinet stains that were used in making the vanity.

Shelterwood Vanity Colors – If your favorite color is Brown then this Vanity Cabinet color will be perfect for you. It’s not just brown but it rich in area and dull in others due to the unique way its applied***

Trending Bathroom Colors 2021


In the time of matte black fixtures being a trending topic, it is important to use matte black bathroom fixtures. It is a very easy color to have in mind when wanting to do a re-decorating project. Especially colors for your vanity fixtures.

Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures include:

  1. Shower Fixtures
  2. Tub Fixtures
  3. sconce lighting
  4.  toilet paper holders
  5. towel bars
  6. robe hooks
  7. shower glass hardware
  8. mirror frames
  9. door handles
  10. hinges
  11. cabinet hardware

completing the stylish modern look.

The matte black finish for shower fixtures is commonly seen in bathrooms these days. It definitely makes sense to choose matte black bathroom décor during your next luxury bathroom renovation!

When it comes to flooring, matte black can be combined with many different surfaces. It will work perfectly no matter what material your existing floor is made from. For example matte black shower tiles are very popular and matte black bathroom tile floors look stunning when laid correctly!

The matte finish for floors is very modern while being extremely practical at the same time. Busy lives need this!




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