Cooking and eating your meals outdoors under the sky is a great activity to enjoy during all seasons. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors while cooking or eating is a wholesome activity. Are you looking for cost effective and creative outdoor kitchen ideas? We will be covering the most creative outdoor kitchens in this article. 

We will also talk about the process of transforming your backyard into an attractive outdoor kitchen. Let’s look at some popular outdoor kitchen ideas!

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

The internet is full of amazing kitchen ideas, in fact there are so many that it can get overwhelming. With that being said, we have collected the best outdoor kitchens, from classic to chic, to help the process not be so mind-boggling. Not only do these layouts look attractive and pleasing to the eye, but they are also less challenging to create. 

Transforming your backyard into an outdoor kitchen is potentially the greatest way to increase its functionality and charm. Cost-effective and remarkable backyard kitchen ideas are given below!

Patio Kitchen Arrangements

Have you ever considered turning your patio into a kitchen? Patio kitchens are one of today’s most trending ideas for modern society. If you have a vision, you can turn your patio into an impressive, chic outdoor kitchen. 

The number of features you can add to your outdoor kitchen depends upon the amount of space available. If you have a spacious patio, you can easily add various features from sink to stove, grilling station and even necessary kitchen equipment. A Patio kitchen is one of the best uses for outdoor space. 

patio kitchen idea

A few tips to get the best outdoor kitchen are given below:

  • Choose stylish and functional furniture.
  • Follow a suitable theme to get attractive results.
  • Indirect warm lightning options offer better exposure.
  • Add personal touches for that comfortable luxurious feel.
  • Use plants to enhance the beauty and the atmosphere.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet and Storage

Modern house layouts usually have outdoor kitchens next to balconies or the backyard. You might not have thought about this before, but this feature could potentially be very helpful. You can use the backyard space as an extra kitchen storage area. 

You might have an empty wall or section right next to your kitchen. This space can be used to store your kitchen equipment. You can choose to add a few extra kitchen cabinets, racks and also floating shelves, this will create the perfect outdoor kitchen storage space. 

These little additions will make the outdoor storage more functional and contemporary. Floating shelves or cabinets are the best option for modern outdoor kitchen storage. Ensure to cover the outdoor storage when not in use, to protect it from all weather conditions. It will prevent moisture and rust on your kitchen equipment.  

kitchen cabinet ideas

Corridor Kitchen

Outdoor corridors are the least used part of the house. Corridors are usually left empty. But the good news is you can use this small space to get a sleek outdoor kitchen. It also improves the functionality and usage of the corridor.

The Corridor kitchen expresses a working space with parallel arrangements on opposite sides. Such kitchens are also named galley kitchens due to their adorable and stylish designs. 

You might think that the corridor is too small of a space to accommodate a kitchen, but as corridors are more length than width, you can add various features to your corridor kitchen without worrying about the space. Pro tips to decorate a small corridor kitchen are:

  • Go for lighter colors to enhance attractiveness. 
  • Apply floor to ceiling cabinets.
  • Avoid clutter on countertops.
  • Choose creative storage options.

Set Up a Grilling Station

Grilling is one of the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about an outdoor kitchen. This idea may require a barbecue grill, prep station, countertops, cabinets and a sink.

Grilling station themes are recommended to be dark colors like dark brown, black, grey, or red. You can either go for one color or contrasting these colors can also be an amazing idea.

As for cabinets, choose dark wood with the layering of stonework. Concrete as the countertop is also an appealing and stylish idea. Go for whatever looks best to you!

Clay Oven In Backyard

Clay ovens, also known as pizza ovens, are the best unique idea for a backyard kitchen. This simple kitchen layout will give a rustic feel to your backyard. If you’re a baking lover, then it’s the best idea to have a clay oven in the backyard. 


If you want to add more charm to your clay oven, you can consider adding brick walls around your outdoor kitchen. It’s a trending luxury to have a clay oven in your backyard kitchen. It adds a style statement to your house. 

This idea requires a durable clay oven, wood, wood storage and custom cabinets to keep necessary equipment. The wood-fired pizza oven is the best option as it displays the authenticity of your outdoor kitchen. 


We have discussed the top five trending and cost-effective outdoor kitchen ideas here. These kitchens are worth the value. As these not only add to the value of your house, but also provide more functionality to empty spaces such as the patio and corridor of your home. 

Plan before taking action to get durable and appealing outcomes. Stay tuned to know the latest living décor tips and trends. So, when are you beginning your outdoor kitchen project? 


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