Backer Board, Tile Backer Board, Best tile Backer Board


Tile Backer Board Options

At whatever point installing tile in your home, you need an exceptional substrate, or base layer. In showers, the standard substrate is tile patron, additionally called concrete board or concrete benefactor board.

Fired and porcelain tile, more than practically some other surface material, needs a steady, level, sans flex substrate. Indeed, even the smallest measure of development in a structure can transmit to the tile and split it. What’s more, since showers and baths are wet zones, they need a substrate that won’t be harmed by dampness, just in the event that a split in the tile or grout lets water through to the benefactor.

Backer Board, Tile Backer Board, Best tile Backer Board

In fact called a cementitious sponsor unit (CBU), notable brand names of tile benefactor incorporate Durock, Denshield, HardieBacker, and WonderBoard. All are made of 100-percent inorganic materials that won’t decay, shrivel, delaminate, or break down when presented to dampness. There are a few adequate utilizations of concrete board in the shower.

Backer Board, Tile Backer Board, Best Tile Backer Board

Concrete Board and Plastic Sheeting

In this profoundly helpful, cheap, and well known application, a dampness obstruction of 4-or 6-mil-thick plastic is installed legitimately over the divider studs. At that point, the concrete board is installed on the plastic sheeting. Screws secure the concrete board to the divider studs. Tile is laid onto the concrete board with thinset mortar or mastic.

Concrete Board and a Liquid Membrane

In this application, concrete board is introduced legitimately onto the studs. No plastic sheeting goes behind the concrete board. A fluid waterproofing layer, for example, RedGard or Hydro Ban, is applied to the concrete board and permitted to fix. At that point, tile is introduced over the layer.

Concrete Board and a Sheet Membrane

Concrete board is installed legitimately on the studs with no plastic sheeting behind it. Waterproof sheet layer, for example, Schluter Kerdi is applied to the concrete board with thinset. After the thinset has dried, tile is applied to the sheet film with thinset. Kerdi can likewise be introduced straightforwardly over standard drywall ( not recommended) in a shower since, when introduced effectively, it makes a constant waterproof boundary.

Best Backer Board tile, Tile Backer Board, Backer Board

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Layer Faced Board Only

One sort of tile patron board is made with a water-safe top on the two sides of the board. Georgia-Pacific’s DensShield is one such item. The confronting fills in as a coordinated waterproofing film, so you don’t have to introduce a different layer of plastic behind the tile sponsor or a sheet layer over the supporter. Similarly as with different applications, thinset mortar is then applied to the board’s surface, trailed by tile and grout.

Inadmissible Shower Backer Boards

A few conventional tile establishment strategies utilized materials that are not, at this point thought about worthy for shower applications.


Drywall: It takes only a little dampness for drywall’s paper layer to crumble and turn mildew covered. Indeed, even a little measure of water presented through a split or opening in the tile will grow once it hits the dampness hungry paper confronting and gypsum center of the drywall. Since paper is a natural item, it will immediately get mildew covered.

Greenboard: Greenboard’s worthiness as a shower supporter board is begging to be proven wrong. Greenboard is just somewhat more water-safe than plain drywall. Greenboard has drywall’s equivalent gypsum center and paper confronting. Be that as it may, the confronting is impregnated with waxes that shed water better than ordinary drywall’s paper. Numerous neighborhood construction laws do take into consideration greenboard as a tile substrate in showers. With numerous non-natural shower benefactor sheets accessible as choices, there is little motivation to utilize greenboard.

Compressed wood: Plywood alone can’t be utilized as a substrate under tile in showers. A few mortgage holders accept that painting or preparing pressed wood will render it reasonable to use as shower/tub sponsor board. This isn’t correct. Since pressed wood is regularly utilized as an underlayment for floor tile, some do-it-yourselfers may accept that it can likewise be utilized in shower divider applications.

Backer Board, Tile Backer Board, Best tile Backer Board

Best Backer Board tile, Tile Backer Board, Backer Board

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