Quality Bathroom Renovations Auburn Alabama


They do good work!


How many times have you heard this about a contractor? Call them “They do good work.”

Let’s Talk about it. First of all there are a ton of  “ Great Contractors” in Columbus Georgia no question. But let’s be honest how many times have you heard call them “They do good work”. Probably a lot.

But who defines good work? Google? Sales Reps? Facebook Groups? Wrong!

Quality Bathroom Renovations Auburn Alabama

It’s all subjective.

First of all to the uneducated eye or consumer there are probably fewer “they do good work” Contractors out there. Why is this? Could be several reasons. One could be the client didn’t want to uphold there end of the bargain or Payment once the work was completed.


A) they felt it was done faster than they anticipated hence bringing them to the conclusion it must have been done wrong. B) At the completed pace averaged into hourly, the wage is ridiculously high (comparable to a 8 year college degree) News flash quality contractors with decades of experience have paid university type tuitions and excelled at a 4.0 grade average ,1st in his class graduation at a very high price. It’s called their HEALTH! So yes they should earn that type Professional Pay! C) The customer wants to diminish the work resulting in a reason to not render payment. D)  or their work just sucks!

Back to the subjective part.

For a customer to say “they do good work”, well that is true in a customer’s uneducated opinion and there is nothing wrong with that.

But for an educated contractor the feeling of “they do good work” maybe not so much. Because he knows what he is looking at.

Sooo is the educated contractor correct in their assessment? Not exactly.

Contractors are like your neighbor that you have to see at the mailbox every day for afternoon pleasantries. You don’t like that they park their car too close to your property line. The choice of paint color on the outside of their house is terrible. But you smile and wave until you get inside. Contractors have a way about pointing out other contractor’s faults to make their own abilities seem better. Sounds like a lesson we once learned in school, how not to act!

Likewise contractors will explore other “subcontractors” for various reasons 9 times out of 10 it’s greed and wanting to keep the price low for productivity. Resulting in the belief the quality is the same momentarily for the monetary value, which will prove untrue in time. Hence instilling the false measure of quality of a subcontractor for a limited period of time.

But it is the world we work in.

SO if you hear “they do good work” do you believe it?

EDUCATE yourself! That’s the bottom line. DO your homework! Choose wisely! Become a CLIENT not a customer.

Customers want value above all! CLIENTS are educated and want QUALITY! The smoke and mirrors of rebates, 10 year warranty, Lifetime warranty, (they) Guarantee. It’s all a distraction or reassurance in the form of words written or verbal. Which mean absolutely nothing if the contractor is not an honest professional.


There are a ton of choices when it comes to contractors in Columbus Georgia for sure. Many are great some not so great. Staying true to the business i am deeply rooted in is a must. Always putting my Clients first, realistic expectations of subcontractors and loyalty to those who sacrifice their health on a daily basis. Respecting the paved way others before me laid out, holding true to being a Renovation Professional in every aspect. Remembering great work comes at a price – giving the first- but demand the latter.