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All Renovation Professionals hear the same question from clients. “What will it cost to renovate my bathroom?” The answer is “Each one is different!” The best way to find out the cost of your Bathroom Renovation is to utilize the FREE estimate most contractors provide. In this article we will give you the real reasons bathroom renovations vary in price greatly.

Difference Makers:

  • Zero Entry or ADA shower; are very complicated in the demo process. So expect to pay an additional $750 to $1500 for this process including plumbing rough in.
  • Plumbing Fixtures; with ranges from $300 for valves and fixtures on up to $3000 this is a significant punch.
  • Tile; while floor tile at your local Home Depot and Lowes on display out by the lumber and cleaning supplies looks to the average person as a great deal. That is not where you want to purchase. Try your local Specialty Store. Sellers Tile has locations in GA and FLA and i’m sure they can ship to you. Lasting beauty and quality of your floors and walls will cost somewhere between $5 – $20 per ft
  • Labor; will be on average 60% of the Bathroom Renovation, Why? you ask. Well mainly because you want it done right. Look at it like this, All you provide your job is labor right, is it worth less because you don’t have money invested in the ink or paper. No it’s your knowledge.
  • These huge differences in cost are also supported by the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report. Other remodeling projects show twice the cost when upgrading from a mid-range to an upscale project. Meanwhile, an equivalent upgrade for bathroom remodels causes the average cost to triple.

The real reason Bathroom Renovations vary in price GREATLY is personal design and material.

Your bathroom renovation will add nearly 100% of your investment to your homes value. Taking into consideration your areas street value of home prices is also a key factor in this.

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