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The Good Side of Construction


Everything in life has its good side and bad side. Let’s focus on the good side of construction because there is a lot! Hopefully you will gain a little insight of the people lucky enough to call the construction industry their trade.




Most of the construction industry is made up of individuals that did not attend a University. That’s not a bad thing it’s just the way it is. However if you think that means they are less educated then think again. I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of Construction workers that are beyond a 4 or 8 year degree from a University. I have also had the pleasure of working with some great construction workers that have a degree in building. So who is better? Well it depends on the person, their motives for being in the business, what drives them from inside.

Some of the most educated from a University standpoint are not qualified enough to build a dog house. It takes more that answering questions right on a test or finding answers in an open book test to ACTUALLY build. On the other hand some of the ones that didn’t graduate high school have built some the world’s most elaborate structures.

So what’s the real deal?


It’s all about the want, what’s inside. Pride in what you do! Not being in construction just because you can’t find a job anywhere else, those are the worst. Not driven by money but driven by wanting to be proud of what you created. Yes we all want to get paid! But if construction workers are looking for easy money this is the WRONG business. There is nothing easy about at all. But it is very satisfying. Creating something from nothing is rewarding to say the least.

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But desire alone is not enough. It’s also in the feel. Craftsman of all trades have feel for their work. An accomplished painter can tell if the paint is too cold by the brush stroke. A professional sheetrock finisher can feel the wall to tell if it will look different when the light hits it after paint. A concrete finisher can tell from his creed board if the mix is right. A floor man can tell by the handle of a trowel if it’s the right size notch. The list goes on and on.

The good side of construction consist of highly skilled, hard working men and women who love what they do!  Regardless of their pay or education.

The good side of construction also demands a premium price. So compensation does matter then right? Well it’s like this if a skilled construction worker gives you a price. Let’s say it takes him 2 days longer to complete the project. A skilled construction worker will complete the project with in that quoted price without taking short cuts. So basically your project price did not dictate the quality of work that was delivered.


The good side of construction is that highly skilled construction workers that make a difference are still in existence.

DO your homework when choosing your partners in the Construction Industry! Get one the Good Side of Construction. Reap the benefits of those that really care.


Check out these guys out they put their life on the line every day. The pay wasn’t good enough for it to be all about the money in the 1930’s I’m positive about that.




Luxury Bathroom Renovations Auburn Alabama