Antique Furniture – DIY

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Antique Furniture - DIY In days of old, if a household item or an image outline was antique, it implied it had been around for ages and a large portion of the paint had worn off in zones that had been scoured by hands or scratched by being moved too often. Today, the antique look

Heated Floors

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With winter time here there is no better way to ease the chill than  heated floors. From hardwood to tile, heated floors are the bomb. Once you experience the luxury you won't want it any other way.   Carpet: Yep that's correct. You can heat your carpet. Generally carpet is comfortable without a heated floor

Granite VS Quartz Countertops How different are they?

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  Fact is the two are completely different. So it’s time for you to choose, Granite Vs Quartz Countertops. The differences are not as clear as you might think.   After all each are marketed as: Hard as Stone Purely Natural Straight from the earth So they must be the same Right? #1 Granite and