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DIY – Floating Shelves

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  DIY - Floating Shelves Required Tools for this Project Have the important equipment /supplies for this DIY floating shelf task arranged before you start (less aggravation)= smoother job. LOL!   • Circular saw • Glue • Hammer • Level • Socket/ratchet set • Straightedge • Stanley stud finder • Table saw • Tape measure

Antique Furniture – DIY

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Antique Furniture - DIY In days of old, if a household item or an image outline was antique, it implied it had been around for ages and a large portion of the paint had worn off in zones that had been scoured by hands or scratched by being moved too often. Today, the antique look

Contractors- Thank You

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  Contractors – Thank you   While things maybe uncertain at this time for most people, this too will pass. Kennedy Kitchens and Baths would like to say to all Contractors- THANK YOU. Pushing through this time of uncertainty, diligently. Considering your clients well-being and altering your daily routine to accommodate what is necessary. Longer