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Keeping your roots when it comes to renovating or decorating your Southern Style Home can be magnificent. Maybe you don’t need a renovation like moving walls or excessive demo. However a significant update is a must. If your a beginner in the design/decorating field a Southern Style Home is probably not where you need to start.

Boasting antiques and priceless artwork Southern Style Homes generally tell a story. Complimenting that story is YOUR job. From Family Heirlooms to Historical Landmarks, do some research and bring out some more history. Write your chapter and make it awesome!

Grand Southern Style Homes don’t have to date back to the 1900’s. Construction of this type happens everyday. It’s just not everyday you get to design atop such a magnificent canvas!. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Winding Staircase, miles of hardwood flooring, wrap around porches, oversize highly detailed trim are beautiful characteristics of this style. You should keep this in mind when making cosmetic changes. Oversize mirrors and artwork really thrive here. Stick with it!!

Southern Style Homes

Large rugs are used in the majority of Southern Style Homes. Make it inviting. cozy and comfortable. Large furniture with a heavy mixture of wood and fabric accompany the airy feel. Mixing the type of wood was un-thought of in the past, but with todays design growth you will be more than fine.

Fabric prints in wallpaper, and furniture were bountiful at one time, there again a change has emerged. Southern Style Homes support a wide variety of solids and patterns nowadays. Explore your options when making this decision. In the end it all comes down to your preference but either way you are good.

Floor to ceiling drapery and Large flowers/plants should always be apart of Sothern Style Home Living, Keep it Alive!

Don’t forget your Grand Porch!! Every Southern Style Home has large colums it signifies strength and support use these to your advantage. Massive ceiling fans, cushioned outdoor furniture will make your outdoor time with family everlasting. Incorporate an outdoor rug to make these memories on starry nights by your outdoor fireplace.

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