Trending now is the culture of homeowners creating a neutral bathroom so that they can easily change the decoration whenever they deem fit without having to worry about investing time and huge capital in a full blown refurbishment. This is an interestingly intelligent strategy and a ‘black hat’ way of getting in tune with the trends.
When we mention bathroom decoration what comes to the mind of most individuals are wares; soap dishes, wall mirrors, tooth brush holders etc. However, it rightly goes beyond these, as every item in a bathroom except the building itself, is a furniture.
There are so many design styles to choose from when setting up your bathroom; however one of the most aesthetic, popular outstanding and innovative design styles is the Rustic design.

Putting in place a rustic bathroom design gives you the opportunity to add beauty, a bit of vintage space, a touch of elegance and luxury to your bath place.
Adding rustic products into your neutral or modern bath gives it a beautiful rural-like traditional look without having to spend huge. Also for traditional styled homes, it is best maintain the original rustic look of the house rather than trying to add modern and some sort of unnecessary urban feels to the bathroom. Rustic bathroom design when in use entails that all furniture used should have the look of being old.
The following are some general tips to help you keep your vintage bathroom looking terrifically beautiful:
·        Fix the fixtures:
Basically, it is important to change existing fixtures with antique ones.
ü Accessories -There is something to be said about keeping original fixtures. The problem that arises sometimes is that the original fixtures might come from a time that taste forgot (remember green basins?). If this is the case for your bathroom by replacing your current bathroom accessories with new traditional style accessories you can change the feel of your bathroom, without actually having to do a full renovation. Using simple, rounded accessories would suit this type of bathroom well. Fittings and fixtures that are streamlined, don’t necessarily have to be super modern, you just want to keep it simple, so you don’t need to replace it again in five years time.

ü Mirrors – Vintage Mirrors, with slight detailing on the edges can be a beautiful addition to any provincial home. They can be displayed in many ways to open up a room. In the bathroom you can have them as the main mirror above the basin, leaning against a wall, and even display a number off them together on a larger wall. Any time you put mirrors in to a room, you are immediately adding a feeling of depth.

·        Modify the walls:
You can paint, set up wallpaper, use tiles or Shiplap. Ensure you are guided by the colors that synchronize with your choice of rustic style. Colors like copper, gold, or dark auburn colors are superb.               
·        Be resourceful:
Being resourceful entails that you become a bit creative. Add to your decorations, unusual bathroom items.
ü Jars
Incorporating some kind jars or similar for storage gives your   bathroom a vintage, country feels. You can store little items like soap, cream, perfume, ear Buds etc in the jars, and have it displayed beside your basin, looks not only appealing but also tidy.
ü Baskets
Placing an old fashioned basket closely adjacent to your basin or any other strategic place will give a unique vintage feels. A wicker basket can be used to achieve a more feminine look, because it has a softer feel and appearance. This can be used to store laundry clothes, towels, magazines and bath products etc.

ü Old Items
Medicine bottles from days gone by can give a subtle, rustic touch to any room in the house. The size doesn’t matter. Whether they are placed on a shelf in the bathroom or on the windowsill in the living room, they will just add a whimsical effect.

ü Toilets and Basins
There are many ways you can go, but putting a slightly contemporary spin on any bathroom gives it an updated, fresh, new look.
ü Lighting
There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to lighting. Shabby Chic Chandeliers can be a beautiful focal point, but for some people this may be a little decadent. If you feel that your tastes might run more on the simple, yet effective side, then a gorgeous Enamel Shade on a pendant light, hanging from the ceiling would suit you down to a tee.

ü Baths
When it comes to luxury, you can’t go past a freestanding bath. In fact, having a freestanding bath, whatever your style taste is just a luxury full stop.
When designing a new bathroom there are many style options to choose from. You can go with contemporary, rustic, antique, or modern design. Among these choices, the most popular tends to be the rustic bathroom design. Creating the perfect rustic bathroom is easier than one might think.
There are a few pitfalls one must avoid however, the main one being not to go too much towards an antiquated look. A rustic design and an antique design are easy to confuse, but there are differences. An antique bathroom design is one that portrays a look of a hundred years or older. A rustic design is something that is simplistic but not necessarily old. When you think rustic, think rustic or farm house design, or classic Americana. A rustic design should be something that is simple and bold, because “the less is more” vibe is what you’re going for when designing a rustic bathroom. The other important thing is to keep the colors natural and plain. Try to stay with colors that are slightly off white or dark browns for your rustic bathroom vanity and furniture. You want your bathroom pieces to be basic in shape and design. When creating a rustic design, you want to avoid clutter and have a few central pieces that the room centers around.

The other end of the rustic bathroom design spectrum is the bathroom styles that are more elegant but still moderate in design. Think about old style checkered floors and free standing bathtubs. You also may want to incorporate a chair or resting area in your rustic bathroom. Rustic bathrooms were more of a room that people would “hangout” in rather than just bathe. Another way to go would be hardwood floors and a bright bold porcelain tub. When creating a rustic bathroom you can go for the gusto as well, lining walls with gold and having tiled floors with specific patterns.
The important thing to remember when creating a rustic bathroom design is to stay true to yourself. Your bathroom should be a reflection of you and you should always create a design that is an extension of your taste. If you are simplistic then that may be the route you want to go, however, if you are more of a eccentric type of person you might want to go with a more elegant rustic feel. Whatever your “feel” may be, always design a bathroom that is just right for you and your home.
The different categories of rustic style to choose from are cabin, country, farm, or Victorian. Though they all might be similar they are still quite different and you need to stick to just one. Have a go at rustic bathroom design and have no cause to regret, rather enjoy the elegance and warmth that emanates from a vintage bathroom.