The process of replacing your bathroom vanity top is not an easy one. If you are in need of a new countertop for your bathroom, then there are many different materials to choose from. The most popular option is granite because it has the perfect combination of beauty and durability. Read on for some important tips on how to replace your old countertop with granite!

Why is granite popular for a bathroom vanity top?

Granite is popular because it has the perfect combination of beauty and durability.

Which granite colors are most popular?

The most commonly seen color for a bathroom vanity top is grey, which goes with any type of decorating style. However, black or white can also be very elegant options if you want to make your bathroom pop!

What other materials should I consider when replacing my old countertop with granite?

When choosing between different types of natural stone countertops, think about whether you would like an elegant option that will go well in almost every room design or something more colorful that matches specific styles. Marble is another great choice for bathrooms because its non-porous natural material which makes it easy to clean up after messy activities.

Many people choose to replace their bathroom vanity top with granite due to it being a timeless, and a lifetime material. Granite is one of the most expensive stones in the world but for good reason.

– The stone has many benefits including natural stain resistance which makes cleaning very easy without requiring much work or scrubbing – another bonus!

The stone also comes in an endless variety of colors so you are sure to find one that compliments your bathroom decor.

Most popular colors

#1. Andromeda White Granite

Price: $75 / square foot

bathroom Vanity top

Andromeda White granite provides an ultra-modern look, offering a subtle variation from pure white countertops. This speckled white and beige stone has gray veins, as well as small streaks to black grain throughout it’s effortlessly dynamic enough for both traditional or modern kitchens while also working beautifully in bakers’ kitchenettes where its light surface contrast with darker colors are required help make food look more appetizing!


#2. Colonial White Granite

Price: $65 / square foot


The smoothness of this off-white granite is what makes it such a popular choice for countertops. The brown and rose colored flecks give way to smoky gray patches accented by dark black speckles, which gives an aged look similar to that found in cookies & cream ice cream! Many people remark on how they resemble the patterns seen when examining pieces at different angles or under bright lights; however no two pieces will ever show exactly alike because there’s variation within each stone species (generally less than 0.5 cm). As vanilla color stones go, colonial white works well with both light AND dark Kitchens – especially if you’re looking into upgrading from creamy white kitchen cabinets paired nicely alongside lighter woods like maple wood tone cupboards as

#3. Alaska White Granite


Price: $75 / square foot

Alaska White Granite

Alaskan White granite contains denser amounts of Onyx dispersed throughout the stone than Colonial and Andromeda White Granites, making it a dramatic variety with 40-50% more mass. These gray patches vary in color and size but all have large swirls that give it an edgy modern look as well as adding to its eclectic style for those who want something different than what they usually see at home decor stores or construction sites around town. This cool icy countertop works well against white cabinets or walls where blue appliances would be overpowering; however brown tones could compete so avoid those colors too!

  • River White Granite – Popular granite slab from India which is white with linear gray veins that resemble interconnecting rivers
  • Blue Granite – Made from deep blues and mid-tone blues, this dramatic granite slab has interconnecting veins of various blues that resemble waves crashing through the ocean
  • Picasso Granite – Grey granite filled with chunks of greys, blacks, and white that create a visually striking Picasso-esque art style
  • Blue Pearl Granite – In similar deep blues to Blue Granite, Blue Pearl is a variation featuring a dazzling array of color flecks in various blue hues for a more chaotic feel

Picasso Granite

Inspired by the unusual painting style of Pablo Picasso, Picasso Granite is grayish granite filled with busy patterns and chunks of color. Usually found in variations like black or white this type can make for an impressive focal point appearance because it looks more natural than other stones on your fireplace mantel!

Black Pearl Leather Granite

Black Pearl Leather Granite is very dark, but not just black. The leather finish creates a textured surface that makes it practical and unique in kitchens with white cabinets or anywhere else you want to use its sleekness. Paired together this granite offers an elegant look for any space!

Azurite Granite

“The Azurite Granite is without a doubt one of the most beautiful stones I have ever seen. The veins and specks are made up mostly browns, blues creams; but when you get close they’re really gold-tinged grays.”

Typhoon Green Granite

This is a rare type of granite that has color variations depending on where it was cut. The green variety will be more popular, but both colors are highly prized for their impressive natural highlights and rarity in comparison to other stones with similar properties such as marble or quartzite
Almost all granites come from overused rock formations like those found at convergent plate boundaries (a set of parallel regions along either side-plate boundary) which results when two plates collide; however these particular types only make up 5% – 10%. When we say “rare”, what you might really mean here would be: exceptionally beautiful

White Ice Granite

White Ice Granite is the perfect countertop for any kitchen space. The stone has flecks of blue and gray coloration, making it an ideal cool-toned material to use in your design! This white granite can be paired with black cabinets or stainless steel hardware. For ultra modern flair without sacrificing comfort either way you slice it. This sleek finish will look great no matter what type of surface stands before its polished face

Almond Gold Granite

Almond Gold, translated to “golden ball” in Portuguese. Is the perfect granite for those looking for an elegant yet affordable countertop. The speckled highlights of brown and beige make this stone stand. Compared to other more traditional white or light colored ones in your kitchen. While its warm coloration can work well with most designs throughout homes including dark wood cabinets. It won’t overwhelm them like bright colors might if used instead.


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials in modern homes. It’s sleek, beautiful and it lasts for decades with proper care. If you want to invest in your largest investment-your home. Then consider replacing your bathroom vanity with granite or adding a new island top made from this material. You can also ask us about installing custom marble floors if these are more to your liking than hardwood flooring! With our help, we will ensure that not only do you get what you need. But that it looks good too! Schedule an appointment today at Kennedy Kitchens and Baths. By calling 706.888.8832 or emailing us using the form on our website.