Replacement cost of bathroom vanity – Custom vs Prefab

This post is about replacing a bathroom vanity and the cost to do so. Bathroom vanities come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Which type of vanity should you purchase? There are two types: custom or prefab. A custom-made bathroom vanity will take more time, but it gives you the ability to create your dream design for your space with no limitations! The downside is that they can be expensive because they’re made specifically for your home – which means customized materials like the sink basin or countertop. Prefab vanities are cheaper than custom ones because their components are mass produced; however, there’s less room for customization. They typically come in one color with limited options for styles (including material).

Lets examine the differences

Prefab bathroom vanity are made from:


a kind of millboard or pasteboard.

particle board

any of various composition boards formed from small particles of wood, as flakes or shavings, tightly compressed and bonded together with a resin.

chip board

a low grade of cardboard, used as a backing for pads of paper, a stiffener for photographs in mailing, etc.

a thin, stiff sheet material made from wastepaper.

a type of board made from compressed waste wood bound together with synthetic resin.

resulting in inadequate strength and cheap finishes.

Laminate finishes:

“According to Better Homes & Gardens, laminate cabinets are “made of three resin-saturated layers: a base layer of paper, a printed and colored layer (which may look like wood), and a protective transparent layer. These three layers are fused together to create a heavy, durable cabinet face alternative.”

Can prefab cabinets with a laminate be sanded and refinished later?


Many people assume laminate cabinets can be refinished, but this is far from the truth! There is no reason to reface laminate cabinets because they are going to cost as much to reface as to replace with quality custom cabinets. Think about it your not fixing the problem,

saggy doors

uneven drawers

broken rollers

bubble finishes

swollen cabinet bottoms.

This things will have to be addressed immediately for any type of reuse or for certain in the near future. The last thing you want to do is throw money at the problem with hopes of it going away. Guess what IT WON’T.

Custom cabinets are more expensive but they’re worth it because you can design it your way and be specific about materials used in its construction.

Custom advantages For Example:

Types of wood

  • Birch
  • Beech
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak – one of the most commonly used hardwoods by cabinetmakers is medium priced red oak that has arched or complex flame grain patterns.
  • Walnut – Rich and Dark
  • Mahogany – straight grained red mahogany

With that we are already off to a better start don’t you think?


Drawer slides

  • Top Mount Type of Drawer Slides.
  • Bottom Mount Type of Drawer Slides.
  • Undermount Type of Drawer Slides.
  • Side Mount Type of Drawer Slides.


  • wrap-around
  • surface-mount
  • flush
  • inset
  • pivot
  • barrel hinges.

Interior LED lighting options

Shelf lighting is a great way to add illumination when you want an extra boost of brightness. The type that’s installed depends on your needs and shelf configuration, but most can be either decorative or utility-style depending upon their placement in the room. There are also different styles for cove lightings such as toe kick lights which provide brilliant accents around kitchen cabinets or vanity units while being subtle enough not overwhelm other aspects like countertops with bright knobs/handles fitted into them

If these types aren’t quite what one might desire then there’s flexiable linear options available too!

Furniture style leg/feet:

What are the legs and feet of cabinetry?

What are cabinet legs and feet?

Cabinet legs and feet can be added to the bottom of your cabinets to raise them up and off the floor, similar to the legs and feet that are used on sofas, chairs and tables. Cabinet feet can also be applied to end stiles or toe kicks for decoration.

With the above mentioned differences associated with Replacement cost of bathroom vanity – Custom vs Prefab. The quality choice for your home should be clear. But then there is the price.


National average for prefab bathroom 72in double vanity $3,185 $3,020 $ 3,326 $2,480 $2,920

Then there is the removal of the old unit by general contractor, plumbing fees, installation of new unit, reconnect plumbing. Some units come with marble tops some don’t, Some come with sinks some don’t.

Replacement cost of Custom bathroom 72 in double vanity

So total cost for a prefab 72 inch bathroom vanity complete installed your looking to spend

  • Lowest cost $4,300
  • Highest cost $ 6,300

Including all the limitations for a prefab cabinet for free!

Now for a Kyle Allen Interiors 72 in Custom Bathroom Vanity

Kyle Allen Interiors Custom cabinets, replacement cost of bathroom vanity

Kyle Allen Interiors Fine Handcrafted Furniture

  • Hardwood of your choice construction
  • Finish of your choice, paint color, stain, sealer
  • Drawer hardware your choice
  • Door hardware your choice
  • Knobs your choice
  • Pulls your choice
  • Marble, quartz, granite your choice
  • Sink , undermount square,round. Built in negative edge, bowl, drop in your choice
  • Faucet your choice
  • Interior lighting with hidden hands free switch
  • furniture style feet
  • gentlemen height

Lowest investment $7,200

Mid range investment $8,875

High investment $ 11,980

Built with the finest materials available. Handcrafted custom bathroom vanities from Kyle Allen Interiors.

We believe that you get what you pay for and it is important to invest in quality! Your bathroom deserves better than prefab!

Kyle Allen Interiors Custom cabinets ,replacement cost of bathroom vanity

Kyle Allen Interiors Fine Handcrafted Furniture