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Luxury Renovation Professionals


In today’s renovation industry there are plenty of contractors to choose from, no doubt. But what do you want in your renovation professional? Are you more concerned with price or quality? Because you can’t have both! Are you fine with settling for a bathroom remodel, or do you want a Luxury Bathroom Renovation?


Remodeling contractors today understand that customers want a mix of value and expertise, heavily leaning towards VALUE. Hence remodeling contractors have decided to be satisfied with a limited skill set, to perform mediocre work!

The fact of the matter is we don’t need more remodeling contractors to choose from! Anyone can custom remodel a bathroom! We need more Renovation Professionals that want to make a difference.

Renovation Professionals duties:

  • push boundaries,
  • continue their education
  • innovative
  • Educate their client on realistic expectations.
  • Deliver quality on a consistent basis
  • Utilize quality craftsmen in specialized trades


As a client you need a renovation professional that wants to make a difference. Holding themselves to a higher standard ensuring elite production.

Knowledge is priceless! It separates the remodeling contractors from the Renovation Professionals.

Giving more value to your product.

Let’s compare:


(Project Source) faucet fixtures from Lowes V.S. Mirabelle Fixtures from Ferguson Plumbing. They both will supply water to a source. But for how long will the (Project Source) last? Will it let know a couple days before it disrupts your entire life and destroys your property? Of course not!


Bathroom remodeler V.S. Renovation Professional. They both can build you a shower, install a floor. But how long will it take for you to notice the inexperience of the remodeling contractor, will you be able to get in touch with him? Probably not!


While Renovation contractors are in abundance you must be cautious when choosing your partner.

Don’t be fooled by the low-value price there is a difference!

Remember a warranty is not any good if you can’t find the person that issued it.

Renovation Professionals understand the peace of mind a great warranty delivers to a client. If you are in the market for a Luxury Bathroom Renovation and have done your homework. The likelihood of you and your Renovation Professional ever getting on the subject of a warranty is 0! Renovation Professionals will provide you a detailed contract ensuring your expectations will be met and your warranty will be in writing.

Last but not least remember you are the boss. A good boss hires someone not to tell them how to do their job. But rather let ones knowledge and expertise bring your ideas to life.

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