Refined American Country Style Living
With today’s #renovation styles taking so many directions dialing into your beyond compare trend may be a bit more problematic than you visualized. Refined American Country Style Living designs are something to behold and embrace to say the least. The use of salvaged or reclaimed material has really made its mark on refined #luxuryrenovations, #Countrystyle renovations have definitely taken this to a different level as of late.
With gently-used, repurposed, second-hand, and flea-market type shops popping up daily offering the gems that have been hidden for years up for the taking. Designers, in-tune #renovationfirm, and savvy homeowners are reaping the benefits of these “attic finds”!
Selecting a compatible #renovationfirm to build a certain motif around these once loved pieces can be as simple as visiting with over 30 years in the renovation industry we are the #kingofrenovations  ready a waiting to hear from you. Follow us on all social media to see our recent renovations.
With your local box stores and specialty retailers recognizing too this influx in #interiordesign, the collections to choose from, in NEW vintage-look pieces is mind boggling. While true reclaimed may not be your desired choice exploring these alternatives can prove beneficial. From Shiplap ceilings to barn-door style entrances select rough-cut lumber can be transformed into the crowning jewel of American Country Style Living. Select framed equestrian paintings or your favorite farm animal art will prove to be complimentary to this style.
Selecting Large bold foundation pieces for your furniture will provide a basis for building your flawless country style living. Candle style lighting fixtures whether it be hanging fixtures or wall sconces will support this back to the basic style reminiscence feel. Decorative tins can provide a certain #countrylife décor especially in the #kitchen, placed alongside barn door cabinet doors. With #countrystyle designs comes darker wood colors so brighten up those cabinets with a light blue finish and some barn shackle pulls. Leather furniture really makes this style complete so DON’T shy away. Antique quilts of various styles and colors can put just the right splash of color to leather.
Refined American Country Style Living has left the country and now graces the pages of nearly every home décor magazine in circulation. Proving to grab the attention of #worldclass in every country. Bring your home up to speed with today’s designing trend makes Refined American Country Style Living a must.
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