Everleigh Double Bathroom 72″ Vanity with Sink

Complete the bathroom of your dreams with this custom, handcrafted vanity. Our “Everleigh” style vanity is exclusively crafted with gorgeous Maple wood. Measuring 72 inches long, Everleigh is well equipped with space to house your favorite bath, body, and beauty products.

Sanded, primed, and painted with a three-coat finish, Everleigh features two double doors below each sink, and four center drawers for incredible storage space. Specially crafted with Maple wood, this dresser will withstand the test of time. Maple wood is one of the hardest, most durable woods available and will look gorgeous for years to come.

Couples love this double vanity for the reason of having a sink exclusively to themselves. Created and designed with elegance in mind, the Everleigh is customizable to fit any luxury bathroom renovation and achieve a polished, sophisticated look. Once installed, you’ll want to spend all your time getting ready just to revel at your new bathroom space!