Porcelain Tile Master Bath Ideas

Porcelain tiles are produced in a variety of new sizes, colors, styles. Porcelain tile is great to use on walls and floors. Have fun with your tile combinations,  contrast them to really let one shine or use the same tile in both locations. Here we showcase a project from last year using the same  porcelain tile on the floor and walls. Here is a List of products that we used. When narrowing down your porcelain tile-master bath ideas consider these.


  1. #6024-G Dolomite White Polished  12 x 24 – 725 sq ft
  2. #6027-G Dolomite White Polished  3 X 24  B/n – 50 pieces
  3. #6029-G Dolomite White Polished Pinwheel  -28 sq ft


Recreating this luxury porcelain tile-master bath can be done using these exact products. Quantities are based on the floor plan in this article. Your quantities will differ depending on your layout.

porcelain tile master bath ideasporcelain tile master bath ideasporcelain tile master bath ideasporcelain tile master bath ideas

(Tile product supplied by Sellers Tile of Columbus Ga)



Plumbing is where this master baths décor really took it to a luxury level. Listed below are the exact list of products from Ferguson Waterworks of Columbus Ga that we used.

  1. #7033346 – 66x 36 Tub Drop In Acr. Bath White
  2. #2964878 – Tub Filler Memoirs Stately D MNT Bath FA
  3. #2964735 – CCY @ 1/2 HI Flow VLV SYS W/ DIV
  4. #2489482 – Deck H/Shower Holder CP
  5. #4161566 – CCN 2.5 GPM H/Shower CP Drain
  6. #2485855 – W&O PVC S40 L&T H/KIT CP Lavatory Faucet
  7. #1852547 – CCY LF 1.2 Handle W/Spread LAV FCT CP (2)
  8. #4884915 –  18x 12 OH VC UC LAV WHITE Vanity Light (2)
  9. #SP616989 – SPR80601 SCONCE Quoizel Chrome (4)
  10. #7169962 – 1 HDL LEV P/BAL VLV TRIM CP
  11. #7180335 – @1HDL P/BAL RI VLV
  12. #2396245 – 1 HNDL LEV T/VLV TRI CP
  13. #4038350 – @2W OR 3W T/VLV
  14. # 2489522 –  SPY ELL CP
  15. #4397949 – 60MTL SHWR HOSE CP
  16. #2489498 – WM H/SHWR HLDR CP
  17. #4161566 – CCN 2.5 GPM H/SHWR CP
  18. #4053130 – CCN 1F SHRHD CP
  19. #4082223 – SHWR ARM & SQ FLG
  20. #2396216 – CCN 54 NOZ BODY SPA CP (2)
  21. #4467831 – 18 TWL BAR CP
  22. #4467786 – ROBE HOOK CP(2)
  23. #4467814 – TWL RIBG CP(2)
  24. #4467782 – PIVOT PAPER HOLDER CP
  25. #4667220 – SHOWER FAN CCY REC FAN/LIGHT 70 CFM 1 14W LED
  26. #5109029 – BATH FAN LIGHT CCY 80-111 CFM MNT FAN W/ LIGHT
  27. #4106985 – CCY 1.28 GPF 12 TANK
  28. #7280410 – CCY 1.28 EL BOWL W

Quality products is what makes luxury renovations a success. The unique way these bathroom fixtures accent the beauty in this porcelain tile master bath is second to none! Kennedy Kitchens and Baths really made a statement with this luxury renovation.

But lets don’t forget about the cabinetry!! Peach State Cabinets custom built these beautiful cabinets with all the bells and whistles.

Here are the original Plans

[pdf-embedder url=”http://kennedykitchensandbaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Kennedy-Kitchen-Baths-Finneran-Bath-1.pdf” title=”Kennedy Kitchens and Baths”]

With ever Master bath design comes a new closet right. Well this one is something to dream of . From the Custom Built Closet shelf system to the LED interior lights. We definitely put luxury at your finger tips.

porcelain tile aster bath ideasporcelain tile master bath ideasporcelain tile master bath ideas

Double Frosted doors for the shower and toilet area brought in plenty of color.

porcelain tile master bath ideas

While,topping things off with white quartz vanity tops and quartz drop in tub deck.

Cost Of Luxury:



Kennedy Kitchens and Baths is your Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Firm. Using quality products and excellent craftsmanship is a complete winning combination. Choose us for your next luxury bathroom renovation project. Our dedicated team will put reality into your porcelain tile master bathroom ideas or whatever your plans are. Please visit our partner links below to see what options may fit into your dreams.


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Porcelain Tile Master Bath Ideas