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Custom shower benches are very useful to say the least. Creative designs
can have a dramatic effect on the final look of the #renovation.
The proper layout, sizing and material of choice all are factors in
the final functionality and appeal.
lounge Shower bench
The “standard bench” is somewhat of the past. With product
Evolution comes a wider range of possibilities, especially in shaping. A variety of
bench shapes may require a small drain to eliminate
any water sitting for an extended period of time, not a problem with
today’s technology.
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With professional construction any lavish

#luxuryshower is possible.
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Bench types range from full front wall to wall, open front wall to wall, floating,
custom wood shower bench


Granite top, Teak top, full Teak bench, corner shelf round, corner full front round,
luxury shower bench

corner front

square, corner shelf square, to more #luxury recliner type with #LED lights, body jets,
 steam units and digital controls. All of which will play a major
factor in your final products look and functionality.
Any of these types and styles perfectly placed according to jets, sprays, handhelds or
Shower bench


Unit steam controls will give you complete indulgence from a seated
position. Allowing you to reap the benefits of a well thought out bench
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Bathroom renovation


Kennedy Kitchens and Baths in Columbus Georgia is your #luxurybathroomrenovation
Contractor please give us a call to start planning
your Custom Shower so together we can create the design of a
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