Bathroom Remodeling
One of the most important rooms in your present or future home
is the Master bathroom, It’s focal point, the
shower or at least it should be. Renovating or looking
to buy it  usually tops the list of deal
makers or breakers!! With all the ideas on the internet
this day in time it proves to be a daunting task selecting the
perfect combination of styles and colors. All those beautiful
showers never seem to be either the right size
or shape to fit your #renovation need. Well look at it this way
unless it was a new home  #design you were looking
at, it probably wasn’t the perfect, (everything) for that client
either until the end! So give yourself a little creative credit and get busy
exploring your creative Modern Shower Designs side. Not “everything” works for every
client, Trust me!! I’m sure you have watched those
episodes of
#HGTV, #fixxerupper or #thisoldhouse and thought,
“What were they thinking”. Not to say
it was ugly just not your taste.
Modern Shower DesignsModern Shower designsModern SHower Designs
Let’s say you have a tub with tile surround walls, the most common
set up from the 1970’s #builders. Usually this area is
5 feet wide by 3 feet deep, this is really a fair amount of space.
Here are a couple of options for renovating this
Space without removing any walls or making this space larger.
If you want to stay with a tub try spending a little more than average
and get a soaker tub. There are several  #styles to choose from, antique style claw foot tub or
modern style freestanding. The claw foot comes in different finishes
cast iron glazed porcelain, copper,

hammered copper with

nickel finish on the interior,

black powder coated exterior with

white porcelain interior. Paired with the fixture finish of
your choice this look can be very elegant. Fixture types that can compliment
this type of design range from, antique telephone style tub fillers,
wall mount tub fillers or contemporary floor mount style. Tile colors
 topping the list in the #renovation field as of late, but positively here to
stay, are your bright whites and greys. Timeless material types
are marble and porcelain available in several sizes and
Your walk in shower options are abundant as well but consider using a smaller natural stone for your feature wall
will draw more attention to your hard earned #money well
spent!! Coupled with larger 12 inch x 24inch natural stone on the
the side walls your shower will appear to have more depth. Creative shower niches
are a definite must have for every shower renovation. Ranging from
a ton shapes and sizes to glass shelves, LED lights, stacked boxes, corner
wraps to wall ledges. Including  aluminum profile trim
colors to match your plumbing fixtures, #custom granite, marble and tile
sills are all certain to draw your  attention. Tiling the back of
the niche with a contrasting material incorporating this material
in your shower floor is sure to tie it all together.


Lastly, when renovating your Modern Shower Designs  don’t
cut cost on your shower door. Either of the previous mentioned options can include either
                                                                                                       a glass door or shower panel. When making your decision                                                                                  
                                                                                                                  explore the hanging glass curtain panel option for the

tub version and the chiseled edge option for the standard shower version.
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