Backsplash investment
A kitchen backsplash is definitely an area to show of your creativity. Different styles can
narrow down your choices but it can also bring out the creative side in you. Ranging from
#rustic feel to elegant glass there are plenty of varieties. Here are a few Luxury Kitchen Backsplash  investments
From $1000 to $2000 from Kennedy Kitchens and Baths.
Luxury Kitchen Backsplash
An average backsplash will consist of around 40 sq ft of material. Normally not
requiring any sheetrock work. Labor and setting materials to complete the installation. Always remember
before beginning, if your considering under cabinet lighting NOW is the time to hide your wiring.
Once your granite or marble has been install its time to get busy!
Luxury Kitchen Backsplash
Subway 3×6  beveled edge tile is an excellent choice since white with goes with
A lot of colors. The heavy beveled edge will add luxurious depth to just an otherwise
White backsplash. Adding a satin or polished chrome flat edge trim piece to the end will
Prove to be pleasing to the eye.
Glass 3×8 wave finish tile will certainly bring out the modern look to
Luxury Kitchen Backsplash. Offering a wide range of background colors that can be matched or creatively constrast
to any granite color, here is where the under cabinet lighting
from #aspectLED will surely raise the eyebrows of your guest.
Luxury Kitchen Backsplash
Kennedy Kitchens and Baths is committed to bringing the highest
#Quality materials combined with our #professional installation #team to every project. Our local area suppliers and designers
Work with our clients with every step to ensure the end result
exceeds your expectations in every project we create.
For the #rusticlook try looking for a 6 x 48  wood look tile, Belendart Naturals, is a great product. The box store quality
“wood look” tiles are just not what you need to make a statement, Installing this product on your wall will
remind you of the wood slat walls from your grand parents old
farmhouse, wood tile is also a really great option for this type of look as well.
Installing #Shiplap has proven to be on the rise as well where as this option can be primed or stain
grade this will
give #us options for the exact color to suit your needs.
A 4×4 natural tumbled has a very nice look as well , clients sometime choose to use this product and
#install a decorative piece in the center running horizontal. Keep I mind when determining
where it will be installed that the outlet plugs are not breaking up the look too much.
Carefully choosing your backsplash is as important in selecting a qualified renovation firm, Kennedy Kitchens Baths is here to
answer any of your questions just give us a call at 706.888.8832 or visit our website at
Luxury Kitchen Backsplash