Luxury Columbus Ga Kitchen Renovations
2018 Kitchen #Musthaves
What do Luxury Columbus GA Kitchen Renovations strive for? Simple more SPACE! Sometimes it’s not possible
To make your floor area bigger! So what do you do? Utilizing space can sometimes
be a #creative challenge. Here are a few ways to achieve the space “musthave”.
For most people that have #dogs or #cats the laundry room is usually the
watering hole of choice. Does your favorite #pets bowls constantly get knocked over,
or just plain in the way? If so, there is a solution! Why not transform the bottom drawer
in the laundry cabinet into your pets personal #wetbar. Happy hour is open when you
So what about those items that are cluttering up the flatware drawer, or maybe the once a year
 seasonal type dinnerware, you ask? Well have no fear!
How about these very creative Toe kick storage drawers

. Kennedy Kitchens and Baths

will have our highly skilled #Custom cabinet makers and trim carpenters get right on that
for you, fully equipped  with motion controlled interior
LED lights! Excellent for storing any item short or long term.
For sure a kitchen #musthaves!!
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Spices taking up an entire cabinet at your palace, we hear ya!!
An island is definitely a #musthaves so why not utilize all its glory!!
Usually containing tons of space why not tap into those resources and store the
frequently used spice containers. Small pull-out container drawers are just what you need. The
King of Renovation provides Luxury Columbus GA Kitchen Renovations to make that happen.
More often than not the space
beside your refrigerator is forgotten, or never crosses your mind.
My friend you can hide a lot in a 8 inch deep slim
Side cabinet. Non refrigerated items will tuck away nicely, but always at your finger tips.
Coupled with interior LED side lights
Your life will be so much more clutter free and bright!!

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