Luxury Bathroom Renovation


Do you want to know how to achieve luxury bathroom success regarding your renovation? Of course, you do. Both sides of the money let’s get to it!


Everyone wants to protect their bank account while investing, no doubt. So here are a couple of things to remember.

  1. Clients’ decision: do you really want a LUXURY bathroom renovation or do you want a bathroom to remodel, because they are NOT the same.
  2. Contractors decision: what’s most important the money or the completed successful renovation.

These two things are the main things to consider to achieve a Luxury Renovation.




Clients if you want a bathroom to remodel the sticker price will be significantly lower. But so should your expectations. While Pinterest and Instagram are awesome sources to inspire your creative juices likely the bathroom remodels you are attracted to are in fact Luxury Bathroom Renovations. You must understand as with most things you are not going to Walmart to buy a Rolex. Choose a Renovation Professional that is qualified to service your needs. Sometimes the investment exceeds your budget so you may need to lower your expectations in turn lowering the price. DON’T choose the lower bid in expectations of receiving the same product.


Contractors BID the renovation project correctly! SO you can produce the desired result. Never misrepresent your abilities or skill set. Let the client pay for their materials unless you are planning on living there as well. Quality upscale finishes are expensive! That’s not your worry DON’T finance your client’s renovation, NO ONE does this. If the deposit is a problem you have either failed at representing yourself initially or there is a hidden agenda you will quickly be aware of at the close of the renovation.


Clients do your homework and prioritize your wants and needs!

Contractors turn customers into CLIENTS!


Both – site preparation and dust-prevention are necessary. Therefore there is a charge for this, YEP! It will protect both of you, First of all as a contractor we don’t normally look at the mishaps that have occurred over time at a home we don’t live in. So now is the time to make clients aware of issues they have forgotten about. Trust me in the end you will be glad you did this. As for the clients, this will give you the opportunity to see the character of your chosen Renovation Professional. So if a mishap occurs there will be NO concern on your part. Problem solved.

Lastly, Columbus Georgia has a ton of great bathroom remodeling contractors. But very few Luxury Bathroom Renovation Professionals. So clients choose wisely! Contractors decide what you want to be recognized as and deliver!