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What a Drain WOW! As an industry professional I have to say
really hit the mark with their linear drains renovation style. Understanding the need for
additional resources they proved to be technologically equal to their
counterparts. Having installed hundreds of linear drains of other brands,
our experience in the quality of What a Drain meets the needs of todays
#custom shower installations professionals.
The simplicity of the side discharge option is a plus in any book. Their innovative
way of attaching the waterproofing membrane not only insures complete versatility but
arrives at a price point much more affordable for your everyday
custom shower installation. Renovation firms at times are limited to
a certain degree in drain movement. With sizes ranging down to less than


an inch in length and up to in excess of 12 ft in length
  • client options are abundant. Product lineup also includes

                                                                                                          customizable L-shaped drains niche

and seat moisture drip drains.


Our #renovationfirm consistently
offers new proven innovative products and installs

that set us apart from your normal remodeling company.


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  2. #LED niche lights
  3. #granite seat and jambs
  4. #heatedshowerfloors
  5. #etchedglass shower enclosures
  6. and now What a Drains Linear drains versatility.
With #barndoor style shower doors, barrel ceilings and rainheads being a
few of the professionally installed options
we offer our clients, the level of customization never stops progressing.
           Kennedy Kitchens and Baths will continue to collaborate 


with other industry professionals exploring new options to offer
each of our clients. Join our newsletter to receive constant updates on renovations in
 Columbus GA. If you are not in the area we service and would like us to
help you locate a professional in your area please give us a call @
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