Luxury Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Renovations deliver a powerful punch when it comes to
your homes resale value. Exploring your options for future planning and
personal enjoyment can come in the form of a modern kitchen. With the smaller add-ons or
upgrades giving you a certain level of modernization, lets discuss some larger more
wow-factor upgrades that may attract the potential millennial buyer in the future.
Let’s face it kitchen renovations of today are just not what they were 15 years ago or even 10
years ago with LED lighting becoming more and more popular in a wide variety of fixtures
to concrete counter tops, instant hot water and so forth. In today’s world of convenience and
space saving the renovation industry has really stepped up to
provide luxury options for today’s clientele.
Counter tops with granite and marble are certainly here to stay, however a Modern
Luxury Kitchen Renovation may be better suited for a tinted, frosted 1 1/14 in thick
glass top. The thicker the glass the more the tinted color comes to life, producing a glowing look.
With a wide variety of edges as with normal granite or marble top, even boasting chiseled
Edge! Depending on your layout a bar overhang, wet bar, or island with Led lighting will
rest nicely atop a wide variety of custom cabinets.
Under counter refrigerators located in the island will put
all of your meal prep items right below your work station saving you time
in the kitchen. Separated into sections for cold drinks, frozen foods, to chilled
vegetables getting and returning your foods will be easier than ever.
Built-in warming draws for your previously cooked food or keeping warm till
all the guest arrive will keep the table or counter top from clutter. Built-ins can have the
option of a cabinet face installed to streamline the cabinets.
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