Kitchen Paint Ideas
One of the most over looked rooms for paint colors, is the kitchen. The
decisions of cabinet style, flooring, appliance, counter tops to
name a few at times overshadow the daunting task
of choosing the right paint color. Yet proves
time and time again to be the piece to finish the puzzle. Here are a few things to
remember when brainstorming your Kitchen Paint Ideas.


White is often a go to color, it’s cleanliness and ability go with anything combined
with its ageless quality make this a safe color for any kitchen.


Now with Kitchen Paint Ideas warm color such as a red are a great choice and go very
well with white cabinets. This makes a contrasting statement with such a
color and is certainly a great way to make a statement.
Grey can work miracles if you choose the right tone, while some consider
this to be a cold color a carefully chosen hue can prove to be very


A light blue or a green color when place next to wood stain
cabinets can also be pleasing less intimidating color.
Dark blue walls next to white cabinets can create a dramatic look
 while the warm cozy feel of a yellow
proves very inviting in any #country setting
 or depending the tone
accent a sleek #modern kitchen.
In Kitchen Paint Ideas, the choice of sheen makes a huge difference, #matte or #flat will hide more imperfections in
the drywall while, #eggshell has a low luster medium finish for high traffic areas. Semi-gloss
is for higher traffic areas where you may need to scrub a bit. Gloss is usually
reserved for trim and doors, producing a high shine.
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