Large canvas Bathroom
Large Bathroom? Lets #TRICKTHATBATH
Are you ready to be WOW-ed by the evolution of our Industry from just a normal bathroom redo
To a #renovation fit for #Royalty!! Large bathrooms are like a huge blank canvas awaiting #Da Vinci
To brush it into Eternal Greatness!! Kennedy Kitchens and Baths the “King of Renovations” #loves
a blank canvas!!


Putting in a Free Standing Soaker tub would be a statement to behold, especially
If you installed either an oval or completely round one

. These take up a little less space so your

#decor items can fill the area with some color which is always a plus. Now here is where the #wowfactor begins! For a wainscot use a Translucent
Stone backlit with dimmable LED,

this will basically make the stone glow,


Transmitting a soothing hue. Top it off with a 2in square black powder coated aluminum tube.
Kennedy Kitchens and Baths, then #KING OF RENOVATIONS believes in making the blank canvas
A  #breathtaking Masterpiece! Check your local area for a qualified renovation firm or give us a call
We can help you find one if we are not in your area.
Ok, on to the vanity, use 2in square black powder coated tubing again from stud to stud, this will give
Ample support for your granite top eliminating the need for a cabinet.


Combine this top with an industrial size gate valve shut off,Top mount, fixture.
That’s a definite #boss move.
Shower doors are often times over looked, the right door can push your renovation another step closer to the most searched
Bathroom renovation on #google photos. Using a Pane Style glass door will bring the 2in square tubing
Right on into the class of #awesome!
LED is the go to light of this masterpiece in all aspects, speaking of that #aspectLED is your first class supplier, but why not


Use a LED TV mirror then you can pretty much live in your bathroom. This a
#brilliant way to start finalizing your canvas.
 Black rack style towel warmers are a must for each side of the vanity. Speaking of warmers , several companies have
Programmable floor warming systems combined with the LED heated mirror recessed in the shower wall, for shaving.
Now all your spa like warmth needs will be at your finger tips!
#TOP it all off with a glass of Red Wine and Bouquet of Roses.

Of Renovations!
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