Today you’ll learn how to install Schluter Kerdi Board.

A lot of DIYers are afraid of this product because they don’t know how to work with it. Today we’ll show you why you shouldn’t think this way.

Schluter makes KERDI-BOARD and it’s one of the best substrates for tile.

And it’s easy to install.

That’s why we’re here, to teach you everything about Schluter KERDI-BOARD.

It’s also very important that you read the installation manual before starting your next tiling project.


kerdi board

There’s nothing worse than finding mold in your bathroom.

That’s why you need to cover all the walls with KERDI-BOARD and then install your tiles.

KERDI-BOARD is waterproof and it’s designed for installing tile of any kind on the wall.

It protects against condensation and mold, prevents tiles from loosening up and adds insulation which reduces electricity bills  So now that know why you should use Schluter KERDI-BOARD let’s find out how to work with it!

Here are a few things you’ll learn today:

What does KERDI-BOARD consist of?

How do I start installation?

What is the recommended adhesive?

How do I finish my tiling project?

As usual, we’re starting with the installation manual. It’s very important to read it before you start working with KERDI-BOARD.  It contains all the information about tools and materials needed and explains general safety precautions.

Now that we know what we need let’s move on to installation steps.  Before installing your first board, clean the wall where you want to attach the board, then remove any loose objects or paint from that section of wall by sanding, scraping or wire brushing.

What is the problem with cement board?

Cement isn’t waterproof

It needs a liquid waterproofing membrane like  RedGard. Apply KERDI to the correct side of the cement board and let it dry.

You should wait 24 hours for proper adhesion.

For extra protection, apply Schluter ALL-SET Acrylic Latex Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane to the other side . SCHLUTER TIP: Use ALL-KRETE 5000 Concrete Resurfacing Compound instead if you’re tiling directly onto concrete, epoxy coated steel studs or wood substrates (with at least 3 coats of oil based primer) that are completely free of rust. SCHLUTER TIP: Do not use this on drywall. It will fall off after short time.

Schluter KERDI-BOARD is one of the best building panels for DIYers.



  • For this project, you will need an Impact Drive bit set with hex shank and quick release collar
  • Schluter Kerdi-Board 4″ x 8′
  • Schluter washers 1 inch as well as course threaded screws that are about 5/8″.

It’s a good thing that KERDI-BOARD comes in different thicknesses and dimensions because you have options instead of just 1/2″ thick cement board! Learning how to install it is easy. For this tutorial I will show step by step on installing Kerdi boards from 4 inches up for those who want more coverage, as well as 8 inch versions which give even greater protection against damage or water intrusion. First measure out your space where the surface needs tiling – taking into account any existing drywall already installed within these given dimensions: 12″ x48″. From there cut down with either type saw depending what works best based off preference (i recommend using a reciprocating blade) accordingly then trimming away excess pieces until complete

Clean and prepare your wall for installation.

If you want to install a niche, start with the inside of it first since this is where we will cut our KERDI-BOARD . Clean off any dust or dirt from around baseboards before starting; make sure all surfaces are free from anything that may scratch against them when working near edges because there’s nothing worse than cutting into somebody else’s home improvement project!

Follow these tips when using this product:

1) Measure width or height of tub surround before cutting kerdi-board to size

2 )Mark studs where needed on both sides (if not already marked)

2 )Attach one side

3). Attach second piece

4), Fill niche(s) as desired

It’s easy to see how cutting Kerdi is a breeze! Secure the KERDI-BOARD to studs using the Schluter screws and washers. The minimum panel thickness for installations on wall framing with 16″ spaced studs are 1/2 inch, but we actually did ours in at 3/4 because it made things go smoother – plus you can get away without nailing down several extra inches if your ceiling height allows it (depending on brand). Then install any waterproofing membrane of choice just below or over top use “KERDISealant” .

Now let’s do the walls that are not against studs…

Schluter recommends on center fastener spacing to be 12 inches on center and minimum overlap of 1/2 inch.  So you can use KERDI-BOARD screws for this, we recommend the magnetic impact driver to make things easier .

Now let’s tile…

Ready to install your beautiful, but delicate tile?   Schluter’s Kerdi-FIX is a strong bond that will make sure it stays in place. After applying this product just wait 5 minutes until the mixture has turned from white into clear then press down on top with all of your weight!!! TIP: If needed you can purchase special non slip tape at Home Depot and add it between panels before installing them so they don’t move around once its been screwed or nailed together 16″-24″ apart .

You can place two panels flush with each other and use screws or nails as a fastener.
The first step is to cut out all your pieces of drywall so they’re ready when you start nailing them into their frame (about 20-40 minutes). You’ll want at least one strip down every six inches along both sides of these boards.

This gives you the center location of your mixing valve.

Either cut this out with a utility knife or 3 inch hole saw, mount it on studs  for your main wall and leave about 1/16″ margin.

In contrast with cement board which can be time consuming and difficult for those who have never done it before trying their hands at laying down new sheets on top or old ones that need replacing in homes without any professionals around – installing kerdi board is so much easier! All you’ll need are some basic tools like pencils (for sketching out what will go where), levelers if they’re available from your local hardware store/home improvement center as well as nails/screws.


Kennedy Kitchens and Baths has been a trusted provider of custom shower needs for over 25 years. From the moment you see one of our projects, its obvious we are committed to helping you. We use Kerdi board, linear drains from Schluter which are backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty, and much more! If there’s something specific about showers or bathtubs that you need help with, please let us know. One of our experienced professionals will be happy to provide their expertise. Regarding any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to reach out today!


kerdi board


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