Are you fed up with cleaning your kitchen and looking for a way to make it easier? Don’t worry. We have a top-notch solution for you. We know how annoying and time-consuming cleaning up your messy kitchen is.

You can avoid these problems by adding a toe kick vacuum to your shopping list. It’s the perfect solution for cleaning up your kitchen quickly. And the good news is that you won’t have to do much research because we’ll cover everything in this article, from its working mechanism to its overall cost.

Air Switch for Garbage Disposal


An air switch for garbage disposal is a pressure control switch that activates garbage disposal.

The air switch activates garbage disposal by sending a burst of air via a plastic or vinyl tube to a control unit installed under the sink. Installing a garbage disposal air switch is highly suggested if you own one.


  • Available in plenty of styles and colors
  • Easy to install


Not compatible with all garbage disposals

Toe Kick Vacuum

The toe kick vacuum is a small but powerful vacuum incorporated into the base of the cabinet, making it ideal for rapid cleanups of everyday kitchen messes.


  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Easy to operate


Only 6 months warranty

How Does the Air Switch for Garbage Disposal Work?

The functioning of an air switch for garbage disposal is determined by its three main components, which are:

  • Countertop button
  • PVC tubing
  • Control box/air switch

The air is transported to a control box under your sink through PVC tubing when you press the countertop button. Meanwhile, the garbage disposal is connected to a power outlet through a control box.

So when the pulse of air reaches the control box, the internal air switch is activated, which then turns on waste disposal. As a result, all of your trash is removed. If you click the countertop button again, your garbage disposal will turn off.

How to Install Garbage Disposal Air Switch Instantly?

The steps below will help you out on how you can quickly and effortlessly install a garbage disposal air switch at your home.

  1. Insert the tube into the air switch button’s bottom.
  2. Then Insert the tube’s end into the hole in your sink or countertop
  3. To keep the air switch from moving, insert it into the hole in your sink or countertop and cover it with a hefty object.
  4. Calculate how much tubing you’ll need to reach the outlet comfortably. Remove the excess.
  5. Seal the tubing and tighten it to the threads at the bottom of the countertop button by running the washer and tightening it to the threads at the bottom of the button.
  6. Connect the tube’s end to the air switch/control box.
  7. Plug the control box/air switch into a power outlet.
  8. Finally, connect the garbage disposal to the air switch/control box.

Suppose you don’t have a 120v electrical outlet under your sink or need to drill a hole in a countertop. In that case, you will need professional help.

Why isn’t your Garbage Disposal Working Properly?

If your air switch isn’t working as intended, you should first figure out which component is causing the issue. To do so, simply press the countertop push button. If you hear a click, the air switch detects air pressure, not the countertop push button.

However, if you don’t hear a click, the air switch is not measuring air pressure; this indicates a problem with the air tubing or the countertop button. So it’s possible water may go inside the countertop button, causing internal components to break or become worn out.

If this happens, replace it with a new one.

Food can also get stuck in the air tube. If it happens, clear the clog and reconnect the air tubing. However, a blown diaphragm is the most typical cause of a hissing sound originating from the control box/air switch. So you’ll need to get a new air switch or replace the entire garbage disposal if this happens.

Is it Safe to Use an Air Switch for Garbage Disposal?

Air switches are highly safe even though the air switch/control box is plugged into an outlet beneath the sink. But since the control box is operated by air rather than electricity, there is no power at the point of contact with the garbage disposal button on the countertop. As a result, there is less chance of electric shock.

What is the Cost of Installing a Toe Kick Vacuum?

In most cases, the costs of installing a toe kick vacuum system in the home range from $1,200 to $3,000. It will be less expensive if you install it yourself. Hiring a professional will be a bit expensive since they will charge you for their services.


To summarize, air switches and toe kick vacuum are simple to set up and provide a quick and easy solution to manage your garbage disposal. We hope you found this article helpful. We covered everything you need to know about air switches for garbage disposal and toe kick vacuums.

If you have any additional queries, feel free to contact us, or you may seek help from experts like us to complete the installation swiftly.



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