Do you want to give your shower a new refreshing look just like those Instagram ones? If yes, then no worries at all as we have your back. Read this article until the end to know how to have that picture-perfect shower with natural stone.

We know you have this beautiful bathroom, yet the dull shower has destroyed all of it’s charm. We have the solution to your problem! With natural stones in your shower, you will make it look superb but are they easy to maintain and hygienic? Read below the complete guide to having a natural stone in your shower.

When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Shower?


You see those flaky walls all around your shower with grout being turned yellow; this is the time you need to work on the shower area. Because of the moisture, the walls at times may become dull. Therefore, making your bathroom lose all of its charm.

To have your shower area seem perfect and beautiful, you need to replace your shower area with better aesthetics. Of course, you never want to look at those boring walls while having a soothing hot shower. Not only this but renovating your bathroom and shower will make your space livelier.

How To Make Your Shower Area New?


You can make your shower area look brand new in many ways, like replacing the floor and wall tiles, changing shower door enclosures, and installing a new showerhead. These changes are very quick to make and don’t require any technical work.

For walls and floors, you can select natural stones or standard tiles. With this installation, your bathroom will look new and fresh. Besides, you will also get rid of that chalky residue on the floor. You can also have help from experts like Kennedy Kitchen and Baths.

Suppose you want a long-lasting shower area that can look beautiful. In that case, we suggest you renovate your shower with natural stones. If you are wondering how that makes sense, then read the next segment. While using a natural stone stick to stone tile or slabs with small grout joints and a slip-resistant shower floor.

Why Choose Natural Stones in Shower?


Natural stone is a popular bathroom material because of its ability to add immediate visual impact. It can transform a so-called ordinary space into a work of art. Natural stone shower can last you a long time, but the key here is choosing the right type and installing it properly.

Another advantage of having natural stones in the shower is that they do not bend, crack, dent, or swell in any way. Also, you will never have any scratches on natural stones. As the shower area tends to have the most moisture, a natural stone has all the properties to withstand these issues.

Meanwhile, ordinary tiles might remain cool under your feet even if you run the shower for a long time before climbing in. On the other hand, natural stones retain heat well and absorb cool conditioned air in the summer, making chilly mornings more bearable.

What Are the Probable Costs of Natural Stone in Shower?

Installing natural stones in the shower might seem at the costlier end. You might be even surprised to learn how much tiling a shower with natural stones costs. If you choose marbles or granite, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $300 per square foot.

However, the initial investment might seem higher, but the stone is durable and will last a lifetime with only routine maintenance. Also, natural stones will never need to be reglazed or resurfaced if properly cared for.

3 Step Guide To Install Natural Stone in Shower

We have compiled some of the quickest steps you can use to renovate your shower with awesome natural stones like marbles or granite. So, keep on reading!

Step 1: measure the area you want to renovate and purchase the right size of natural stone tiles.

Step 2: clean the surface at first with K.O.R Rarefier “Cleaner” to ensure the surface is clean Next, apply a layer of thinset and place the natural stone tile one by one. Leave it to dry overnight.

Step 3: seal the natural stone tiles using a sealer like K.O.R. Ironclad “Natural”. Apply a layer of it and let it sit for at least 5 mins. Wipe out the excess residue, and that’s all!

Things To Take Care Of

Installing natural stones in the shower is a hassle-free task. However, to have them last longer, take care of the below things.

  • Because the shower area has a lot of moisture, try to use a thinset with strong adhesive properties.
  • For adding an extra layer of protection, try to apply a waterproof sealant once you have installed the tiles.
  • After each shower, do a quick wipe-down of the walls. A towel can be used for this.

Final Words


To sum it up, the first impression is the last, and you never want your guests to have a bad impression of your shower or bathroom overall. To have your bathroom brand new, try to invest in some good natural stones for your shower. They can last long but, require routine maintenance. But it is worth it!!

So what is stopping you from installing that relaxing shower area? Get up and start working on it.


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