How To Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan?
Are you a DIY person and looking to install a bathroom exhaust fan but don’t know how? Well, no worries. We are here to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can install a bathroom exhaust fan.
As we know, an exhaust fan is a must to escape the odor and prevent moisture – keeping your home safe and clean. Installing an exhaust fan does require some physical work and takes time if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. But with these steps, you can install it within just a few minutes. However, you still need the required tools and some basic electrical skills to get your work done.
So let’s begin!

Materials Require

Having these tools as well as materials beforehand saves much time and energy.


  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Safety glasses, gloves
  • Circuit tester
  • Combination pliers
  • Reciprocation saw
  • Stud finder


  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan
  • Measuring Tape
  • Nails and Screws
  • Insulated duct
  • Roof Vent Cap
  • Duct Clamps


How to Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

After preparing all the necessary tools and materials, follow these steps.

Determine the Power Source

The first step is to determine where you want to insert the vent fan and electrical supply. You may have power running to that point from the bathroom lighting circuit already. You can use the same cable you’re using for the light as a substitute for the fan or add a new cable to the circuit for running and testing purposes.

Find the Vent Point

Now you have located the power source; it’s time to find the vent point. As the fan emits air outside, it is important to run a duct to either the roof or sidewall. Better to run it to the sidewall, as it saves you from roof leakage.

To locate the vent point, you should consider two important points.
The vent spot should be a direct route from the fan to the outside
It must be 5 to 6 feet away from the bathroom fan to the exit point.

Moreover, installing an exhaust fan at a position closer to the shower is better as that’s where most of the moisture is.

Cut the Exterior Vent Location

After you have selected the vent point, now it’s time to cut the place. Suppose you have selected the roof, first sketch a circle where you want to place the vent. Then with the help of a reciprocating saw, the drill cut the circle. Use screws and caulk to ensure the safe fitting of the round vent or roof cap.

But if your chosen point is at the side of the wall, take some measurements on the inside to find the same point on the outside. Use a saw to cut the wall and place the vent cap.

Mark the Interior Opening for Fan

Now that you have gotten the exterior vent location cut the interior opening as well. Use a power drill and spade to drill a reference hole for placing the fan.

Secure the Bathroom Fan to the Joist

After cutting the hole, place the fan in the hole so that it fits appropriately. You may need someone’s help during this step. Secure the fan to the joist with the help of metal brackets that come with the fan. The next step is to fit the wire connection from the attic.

Route the Bathroom Fan to the Exterior

Come back to the bathroom and ensure vertical positioning of the fan. Go back to the attic with flexible ducting. Join the flexible tubing to the fan and vent.

Wire the Fan to the Housing

Wire the fan in the bathroom to the housing. Strip off the ends of the electrical wires and group them. Twist the bare copper wire around the green to ensure safety.


Installing a bathroom exhaust fan is an inexpensive upgrade that keeps your bathroom dry and clean. Install a new fan or replace the older one with the steps mentioned above. Moreover, you need to be careful and consider the safety precautions like keeping the power supply and switch off while installing. Follow these steps to install your bathroom’s exhaust fan now!

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